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Will There Be A Resident Evil 5 Remake?

Is a Resident Evil 5 Remake on the Horizon?

Is a Resident Evil 5 Remake on the Horizon?

Resident Evil is one of the longest-standing franchises in gaming history, and fans have been eagerly anticipating a remake of Resident Evil 5 for quite some time now. With the success of previous remakes in the series, it seems inevitable that Capcom will eventually tackle this installment as well. In this blog post, we’ll examine the evidence that points to a Resident Evil 5 remake, explore why it would make sense for Capcom to pursue such a project, and discuss what improvements and changes we might expect in a new version of the game.

Resident Evil 5 Remake Under Development

The most compelling evidence that an RE5 remake is in the works can be found in the ending of Resident Evil 4. Ada Wong flies away in a helicopter and talks to Albert Wesker, who is shown looking at a screen with clear references to Resident Evil 5. The screen shows the Underground Garden, where the Progenitor Virus originated, as well as Excella Gionne, a character who teams up with Wesker in RE5. While Capcom has not confirmed a Resident Evil 5 remake, this ending strongly suggests that the company is at least considering the possibility.

Why there should be a Resident Evil 5 Remake?

There are several reasons why a remake of RE 5 would make sense. For starters, it was one of the best-selling games in the franchise, so a remake would undoubtedly be a commercial success.

Additionally, Capcom has been remaking all of the mainline Resident Evil titles, so it makes sense to continue this trend. A remake would also give new players a chance to experience the game with modern visuals and gameplay, and it would help tie the story of RE5 to newer titles like Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village.

RE5 Remake Can Introduce Multiplayer

RE5 Remake can introduce Multiplayer, co-op mode in the upcoming game. Players can either team up with a friend or play solo with an AI-controlled partner. A remake of the game would be the perfect opportunity for Capcom to create the co-op experience. The company could implement more dynamic co-op mechanics, add new modes, or even introduce online multiplayer options to make the game more engaging and replayable.

Will There Be A Resident Evil 5 Remake?


While there is no official confirmation of a Resident Evil 5 remake, the evidence suggests that it is only a matter of time before Capcom announces the project. A remake of the game would make sense from a commercial standpoint and would give fans a chance to revisit the game with modern visuals and gameplay.

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