5 Reasons Why Sierra Was the Best for Lip Gallagher in Shameless

5 Reasons Why Sierra Was the Best for Lip Gallagher in Shameless

I’ve been a huge fan of the show Shameless, and let’s be real, Lip Gallagher has had his fair share of relationships. But there’s one girl who, in my opinion, was the absolute best for him, and that’s Sierra Morton. Let me tell you why I believe she was the perfect fit for Lip.

5 Reasons Why Sierra Was the Best for Lip Gallagher in Shameless

5. Sierra Was Real and Honest

You know how some people in the world act all fake and pretend to be something they’re not? Well, Sierra was the exact opposite of that. She was as real as it gets.

Lip had been through his fair share of complicated and messy relationships, but Sierra brought a sense of genuine authenticity to his life that he sorely needed.

There was no drama with Sierra; it was all real, all the time. Her realness was like a soothing balm in the chaos of the Gallagher family, and it gave Lip the kind of love and stability he had been searching for. Sierra’s sincerity cut through the noise and made her the best fit for Lip in my eyes.

4. She Had Lip’s Back No Matter What

Sierra was there for Lip when he needed her most, and that’s something we all long for in a partner. She didn’t bail on him when he was struggling with addiction or facing academic challenges.

Instead, she was there by his side, offering unwavering support. She wasn’t afraid to call him out when he needed it, but she did it with love and care.

Their relationship wasn’t just about the good times; it was about facing the tough stuff together. Sierra’s loyalty and support during Lip’s battles with addiction and college expulsion made her the rock that Lip desperately needed in his life.

She had his back, no matter what, and that kind of unwavering support is what everyone deserves in a partner.

3. A Loving Momma

Sierra wasn’t just a girlfriend; she was a loving mother to her son, Lucas. Sierra’s deep love for Lucas and Lip’s bond with the young boy made their family dynamic heartwarming.

It showed that Lip had the potential to be a fantastic father figure, and Sierra’s trust in him was a proof of that. It was like watching a beautiful family form right before our eyes, and it was impossible not to fall in love with their little family.

2. She’s Like Us, Facing Life’s Ups and Downs

Life isn’t always easy, and Sierra’s character reflected the reality of facing life’s ups and downs. She wasn’t a picture-perfect TV character; she was a real person dealing with real-life challenges.

Her relatability was one of the reasons why we rooted for her and Lip as a couple. It was like watching two regular people navigating life’s craziness together.

We all have our own challenges, and seeing Sierra tackle hers with grace and determination made her even more lovable.

1. They Grew and Changed Together

Lip and Sierra weren’t perfect, and that’s what made their relationship so interesting. They faced their problems head-on and grew together. Sierra’s belief in Lip’s potential pushed him to become a better person, both academically and as a human being. It was a journey of growth and redemption for both of them.

Their journey together was filled with challenges and growth. Sierra’s belief in Lip’s potential pushed him to become a better person, both academically and personally.

5 Reasons Why Sierra Was the Best for Lip Gallagher in Shameless

Why Lip Ended Things With Sierra

Lip and Sierra’s breakup in season 8 of Shameless was a heartbreaking moment in their relationship.

In the season finale of Shameless Season 8, titled “Sleepwalking,” Lip, in a moment of brutal honesty, had a difficult conversation with Sierra. e realized that he needed to prioritize his recovery and focus on his own well-being. Lip made the difficult decision to end their relationship.

He tried to convince Sierra that Charlie was not with her so it doesn’t count as cheating. Sierra asked Lip if he loved her and Lip said “I don’t know, I want to”. He has been drunk the entire relationship and Sierra asks him to go and leave him alone thus ending the relationship.

Final Words

Sierra brought a sense of stability and sincerity to Lip’s life. Their love story felt real, and that’s why, in my eyes, Sierra was the best choice for Lip. But as we all know, their relationship faced its share of ups and downs, and by season 8, they had gone their separate ways.

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