Aliens Dark Descent Mission 8 Extraction Onslaught Elevator Bug

Aliens Dark Descent Marines Auto Shooting when Undetected

In Aliens Dark Descent, the Marines will shoot when they become detected or find enemies upfront. But recently, there has been a bug in the game where Aliens Dark Descent Marines are Auto Shooting when Undetected. Let’s discuss this bug in detail below.

Aliens Dark Descent Marines Auto Shooting when Undetected

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Why are marines Automatically Shooting?

The problem here is that the detection level doesn’t rise for the Marine and still he will start shooting randomly. So, your detection level is basically broken here.

Most of the players found out that when you have Synth in the squad, then the player will just ignore the detection level and start shooting.

It is a bug in the game and has been here for quite some while. Whenever you are escorting a synth the Marine will start shooting everything in the sight.

Other times, the issue is not with the Synth and basically something completely different. The root cause of this issue is still unknown but you can give your luck a try by going through the following things.

How to Fix Aliens Dark Descent Marines Auto Shooting when Undetected

There hasn’t been any fix for this bug as of now, but you can try out the following things

Verify Game Files

  • Go to Steam
  • Proceed to Library
  • Right Click on Aliens Dark Descent
  • Go to Properties
  • Go to Files
  • Click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files”

Sometimes the issue is with the game files. You can use the built-in function of Steam Launcher to verify the files and make sure they are working correctly.

Drivers and Updates

Check for the game updates, as well as your windows. If you are on the console, you can check the console updates. Make sure everything is up to date. After that, you need to download the latest GPU Drivers on your Windows.

  • For Nvidia, you can download and install through their Nvidia Experience
  • For AMD, you can do so with the AMD Adrenaline

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Thirdly, to fix the Marines Automatically Shooting at Random Times in Aliens’ Dark Descent, you will have to basically disable your antivirus and firewall protection. You can also whitelist the game itself and it won’t affect other things.

Aliens Dark Descent Marines Auto Shooting when Undetected


Aliens Dark Descent Marines Auto Shooting when Undetected is a common bug that was found quite a few months ago. There hasn’t been any fix for that as of now and you will have to complete the game this way. You can follow our guide to try your luck, but we don’t guarantee you anything.

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