All Lethal Company Moons Discussed!

All Lethal Company Moons Discussed!

Lethal Company, an exciting virtual world, houses various moons waiting to be explored. Each moon holds its own unique challenges and treasures. Let’s take a closer look at some of these moons and what they offer to intrepid adventurers.


This moon welcomes newcomers with open arms. It’s like a gentle teacher, offering challenges that are not too tough. Creatures here are friendly, with low spawn rates of the trickier ones. It’s a good starting point for beginners.

This moon, considered easy or Tier 1, welcomes adventurers with creatures spawning at rates ranging from around 14.86% to 50.00%. It’s a gentle introduction to the world of Lethal Company.


Another friendly moon, Assurance is slightly more challenging than Experimentation. Here, you’ll encounter creatures that might require a bit more strategy to handle. But fear not, with some practice, you’ll conquer this moon in no time.

Slightly more challenging than Experimentation, Assurance’s creatures spawn at rates varying between 26.75% and 43.86%. It’s a step up but still manageable for beginners.


Vow ups the ante a bit. Creatures here are more diverse and might pose a moderate challenge. They appear in greater numbers and require a bit more skill to navigate around.

Vow, another Tier 1 moon, presents creatures spawning at rates between 26.75% and 43.86%. It’s akin to Assurance in difficulty, offering a mix of challenges and rewards.


Stepping onto Offense means stepping up your game. This moon houses creatures that demand attention. They spawn more frequently and might catch unprepared adventurers off guard.


This moon isn’t for the faint of heart. Creatures here are robust and aggressive. They appear in large numbers, requiring a well-thought-out approach and considerable skill to survive.


Rend is where things get serious. Creatures here are formidable, with high spawn rates. Survival on this moon requires mastery of combat skills and a keen understanding of the game.


Consider Dine as the ultimate challenge. Creatures here are relentless, spawning frequently and in significant numbers. Only the most experienced adventurers dare to tread here.


Titan stands as the pinnacle of difficulty among the moons. It’s a true test of skills, strategy, and courage. Expect the toughest challenges and the most relentless creatures.

Final Words

Understanding the moons in Lethal Company is essential for every adventurer. Starting from the friendlier moons and gradually progressing to the more challenging ones is a wise strategy. Remember, with practice and perseverance, conquering these moons is within reach for any dedicated explorer!

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