Diablo 4 Angelbreath Plant Guide

Diablo 4 Angelbreath Plant Guide

Angelbreath is a Plant in Diablo 4 that you can use for certain things like Crafting and drinkables. Of course, it is not like other plants in the game, but to help you out, we have here a complete guide on that.

Use of Angelbreath Plant

Just like we mentioned before, you can use the Gallowvine to make Crafting Materials specifically joined to the Magic in the game. Furthermore, you can make incense, potions, and elixirs with that.

The resources are always extremely useful in the game because you use them for Transmutation Resources, converting them to other things.

Where to Find Diablo 4 Angelbreath Plant?

You can find it everywhere in the game and is a rare plant, meaning it is quite useful as well.

Final Verdict

That’s every detail on the plant. Yes, it is specifically used to make the Magic Crafting Materials, but you can use it for other things as well. It is easy to find because you can get it from everywhere in the Fractured Peaks.

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