Attack On Titan Ending Explained - Is Eren Yeager still alive

Attack On Titan Ending Explained – Is Eren Yeager still alive

It has been a decade since the release of Attack On Titan, and we got to witness its last season ending, bringing us to the end of the series as well. One of the most sought-after questions that remain with every AOT fan is whether Eren Yeager is still alive, as he was the founding titan after all.

He might be, or he might not, depending on the angle you take to look at the final episode. Let’s move on to the discussion below and talk about Attack On Titan’s Ending.

Attack On Titan Ending Explained - Is Eren Yeager still alive

Attack On Titan Ending Explained – Eren Alive or Not?

In Season 4 of Attack On Titan, we witnessed the end of the war taking place. Eren Yeager becomes the main antagonist, the anti-hero of the series, who started Rumbling. All the titans gathered in one place and attacked the last of humanity.

In response to that, the loved ones of Eren have to step forward and kill him, to stop the Rumbling and save humanity once and for all.

Mikasa Killed Eren

Beast Titan who is also the brother of Eren – Zeke was killed by Levi, as promised. It was due to Armin, who had a pip-talk with Zeke about retaking predecessors’ support to fight the only one in their way, Eren.

As a result, both the Jean and Cart Titan came to support and take out Eren’s Titan, utilizing various explosions.

In return, this weakens the Ymir (FoundingTitan), and Eren Yeager’s connection, stopping the Rumbling. Even after the explosion, the parasite who is the base for all the Titan Powers tries its best to connect with Eren after the head of Titan explodes.

Armin uses the Colossal Titan form to make this happen, while others try to aim him, and to everyone’s surprise, Mikasa notices that the head of Attack Titan is inside the mouse of Titan instead of being hidden.

At that moment, Mikasa takes the red pill and decides to kill Eren, her lover, to save humanity. This impresses Ymir, as she had a similar case but was useless at that moment.

We also come to know that Eren made a contract with his friends in the Paths – a mind place, before the fight. Eren had a secret power that he could see the future, making time a different entity for him, unlike other humans or Titans.

He became the villain all along, just to save his friends, redeem the sins of the Eldians, and also show his love for Mikasa.

Is Eren Still Alive?

Mikasa killed Eren Yeager, stopping the Rumbling and burying it under a tree based in the Shiganshina District. This is also the same location where the show began.

After a short while, we get to see a small bird flying that corrects the angle of the scarf on Mikara, and it is the same one that Eren Yeager gave to her. So, it could be that Eren Yeager is still alive after the ending of Attack On Titan, in the form of a bird.

Let me take you to the beginning of the article, where I mentioned that it depends on your perspective whether Eren Yeager is still alive or not. If you believe in spirituality, then he could be, otherwise, he is dead.

Eren might still be alive in Attack On Titan ending as he appears in form of a bird who adjusts the scarf on Mikasa.

Titans Converted Back to Humans

From the sacrifice of one individual and other soldiers, we got to witness all the Titans converting back to humans.

Does War End?

No, it doesn’t as War is inevitable in this world, a place of balance, where both good and bad exist. The ending credits of Attack Of Titan a proof that we are just living in a simulation, where we have to try our best to be good and fight evil.

It depends on the individual what He or She chooses, either being a good entity for the life form on the planet, or a bad entity, trying to take over everything their way.

Who is the Little Boy At the End of Attack Of Titan?

The series does end here, but Founding Titan is something that doesn’t stop. Someday, another boy or a girl will get the titan abilities, either from under the tree or just around the corner.

As a matter of fact, we also see a small kid who goes to the tree with his dog in the post-credit scene. There is not much known, but it is centuries after the death of Eren.

In our own speculation: He could be a descendent of Mikasa, or could also be a Reincarnation of Eren Yeager. Or, he could be the next hero in the series starting a new beginning, as War and Crimes haven’t stopped.

Little Boy At the End of Attack Of Titan might be the start of a new beginning.

What happened to Ymir – The Founding Titan?

All these years Ymir was not given a good day of her life, as he had no one who loved her, except simply to use her abilities as a Titan. She finally found peace through Mikasa and Eren in the series.


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