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Baldur’s Gate 3 Gale Artifact Bug – BG3 Gale Won’t Take Artifacts

Gale, your resident magic-loving wizard companion in Baldur’s Gate 3, has a unique…quirk. He needs to regularly munch on magical artifacts to stay happy (and with your party). But sometimes, the system gets a bit glitchy, and he refuses to take those tasty relics! Let’s learn what to feed him and how to handle the dreaded artifact bug.

Gale’s not that hungry. One artifact a day usually keeps him satisfied. You might get away with two or three in a pinch, but don’t bombard him all at once. If you see the message about Gale having too many items, he’s temporarily stuffed. Just try feeding him again later. Unlike a pet who’ll gobble up anything, Gale won’t leave just because you give him too much at once. He just gets picky for a bit.

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Baldur's Gate 3 Gale Artifact Bug - Gale Not Consuming Donate Artifacts/Items

The Artifact Bug: When Gale Won’t Eat

This is the frustrating part! If Gale’s being stubborn, here’s what to check:

Only items with the description “Gale can absorb this item’s magic…” will work. Check carefully before offering! Sometimes you need to get hands-on. After donating an artifact, right-click on it in Gale’s inventory, then select “Consume”.

This “refusal to eat” issue seems to be a common bug. If the steps above don’t work, the Larian Studios forums are full of other players and potential solutions!

Baldur's Gate 3 Gale Artifact Bug - Gale Not Consuming Donate Artifacts/Items

Final Words

One artifact a day is the easiest way to keep Gale happy and avoid the bug. If he’s glitchy, check the item description, try feeding him manually, or search the community forums for help. While annoying, Gale won’t ditch you for the occasional missed meal. It’s complete starvation (no artifacts at all) that makes him leave.

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