Baldurs’s Gate 3 Should You Break Wyll’s Pact or Save His Father?

Baldurs’s Gate 3 Should You Break Wyll’s Pact or Save His Father?

Should You Break Wyll’s Pact or Save His Father? This is a common question in Baldur’s Gate 3. This guide will help you make your choice.

Baldurs’s Gate 3 Should You Break Wyll’s Pact or Save His Father?

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Break Wyll’s Pact or Save His Father?

Mizora is a mysterious demon you encounter repeatedly in Baldur’s Gate 3. In the third act of the game, she informs you of the relocation of Wyll’s father, the Grand Duke Ravengard. She also tells you that the Duke was likely sent to his death. 

To learn more and potentially save Wyll’s father, you must meet Mizora at your camp. Head back and end your day to play a cutscene of Mizora appearing with her sisters. As a result of the parasite links, Wyll learns of his father’s fate while talking to you. 

The transferred memories make Wyll ask for a way to save his father. In response, Mizora gives you two options. You can choose to see the way to Wyll’s father, but he will have to pledge his soul to her and the archdevil in an eternal pact. Or you can choose to turn her down and break Wyll’s contract with her, potentially resulting in his father’s death. 

Break Wyll’s Pact

You can convince Wyll to break his contract with Mizora. With two devils present to witness this, his contract will stop being valid, he won’t be damned to the hells by Mizora, and he won’t have to serve her as a devil in a future life.

Of course, you must be wondering what will happen to Wyll’s powers if he chooses to break the contract. You can ask Mizora about this and she will confirm that he will be able to use his Warlock powers until the end of the game. Once the Absolute is dealt with, Wyll will lose his powers but remain free.

Unfortunately, Wyll’s freedom comes at the cost of his father’s life. Without Mizora’s help, saving Wyll’s father is significantly more difficult. The Duke is now pretty much doomed to die at some point in the campaign. This is bad since many believe him to be a critical factor in building the city by the end of the game campaign.

Save His Father

Alternatively, Wyll can sacrifice himself to save his father. If you choose to do this, Wyll will sign the contract, binding his soul to Mizora. This will force him to serve her even after the game campaign. But you’ll learn where exactly Gortash is holding the Grand Duke Ravengard.

You can go after the Duke to save him. As a potential key asset, you want to ensure he doesn’t die before the mission to defeat the Absolutes and the Elderbrain.

Once you successfully save Wyll’s father from Gortash’s prison, he will share a secret with your party. There is a wyrm beneath Baldur’s Gate. And a hero can call upon the bronze dragon to protect the city. 

Baldurs’s Gate 3 Should You Break Wyll’s Pact or Save His Father?


While what you choose is completely up to you, saving Wyll’s father may be a smarter choice. We hope this article on Should You Break Wyll’s Pact or Save His Father helps. As always, happy gaming!

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