Best Minecraft Servers with Guns

Best Minecraft Servers with Guns

What would Minecraft be like with guns? Actually, you can practically experiment with it in the servers by adding a plugin or a mod. Experiencing FPS combat in Minecraft is simply flawless and here we have the Best Minecraft Servers with Guns to help you get the top-notch feeling.

The Servers in Minecraft sometimes have specific plugins installed that make the game go crazy. Some of those Servers will also have a plugin installed giving you Guns to use in Minecraft.

This doesn’t mean you are bound to only those settings. You can also change things around, creating custom resource packs and changing things around.

Best Minecraft Servers with Guns

Mob Arena

The first and the Best Minecraft Server with Guns is Mob Arena. You might ask, what’s so special here? Well, Mob Arena is a custom map made for the purpose of fighting mobs in Minecraft.

You can fight Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, and many more things here as well. There is even an option where you can select the classes with guns and other spectacular mythical weapons. Heck yeah, there is even a Mjolnir here.

  • The IP Address for Mob Arena is “”

Gun Colony

If you are looking for custom gameplay with ultra-realistic gunplay, then there is nothing better than Gun Colony Server in Minecraft. It also has that fantastic block penetration, semi-auto mode, and a custom hitbox.

On top of that, there is a scenario mode that will let the players play in the historical backgrounds as well, backed up by weapons, teams, and authentic maps from that time.

Multiple game modes like Mob Arena, Arms Race, Demolition, Defusal, Free for All, Elimination, and Team Deathmatch are available on this server. Finally, you can experience COD-inspired modifications here that enable you to modify the weapons with upgrades.

  • The IP Address for Gun Colony in Minecraft is “”

Havoc Games

Remember Walking Dead? Well, the Havoc Games began as a Walking Dead server way before some of us even knew gaming. It started in 2012 and now it is a massive Minecraft Server where you can massacre zombies and enjoy other custom game modes.

In the modes category, you can enjoy Minewards, The Mining Dead, Towny Earth, and the Legendary Walking Dead.

There are PvP servers that include Ragnarok, Armageddon, Warzone, and TMD along with others. It gets pretty difficult as you go onward. Because of all these reasons we have it in our Best Minecraft Servers with Guns list.

  • The IP Address for Havoc Games Server in Minecraft is “”


You might have heard of this server somewhere because of its popularity in the Minecraft Gun Servers. Here in this server, you can ultimately make your own warships that also function like one, along with the ability to make air crafts for full-fledged war.

There are also more than 1k players topped with custom plugins for enhanced shops and trade contracts, just like in other games. You can take part in wars with other players, participate in intense combat, ride war vehicles, and deeply your troops strategically.

  • The IP Address for CCNet Server in Minecraft is “”


It is a PvP server popular amongst Minecraft Gun Server lovers where you can use guns in a city with massive destructible buildings.

YomNetwork is also called the Warzone PvP Server where you start with an aircraft, get kits, and loadout options and after that, you have to skydive in the zone.

There are a ton of upgradable here with the option to fight alongside hundreds of players. Using the money you earn, you can get higher ranks, getter kits, and gear, and join the fighter stronger than before.

  • The IP Address for YomNetwork in Minecraft is “”


Well, these all are Best Minecraft Servers with Guns. I hope you get to enjoy the fps combat in Minecraft with your lovely friends.

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