Best Story-based Games on Xbox to Try

Best Story-based Games on Xbox to Try

A good story is always what makes a video game stay in the player’s mind after a while. This may be because of the cathartic feeling of the scenarios simply knowing the background of the characters or simply the delicately crafted flow of the story.

Having said that, we have listed down some of the best story-based games that you can play on your Xbox. You can get a copy of one of these games by reloading your gift card here:


Best Story-based Games on Xbox to Try

Starting with one of the best platform games to exist in the gaming community. 

If you are into challenging games with a touch of heartwarming story plot, you will have to try Celeste. To be frank, we are not kidding when we say that Celeste is the best as it was nominated as Game of the Year way back in 2018.

The reason why many players commend the story of this game is that it tackles life and the coping mechanisms for experiencing anxiety and depression. Surely, many people start gaming as their way of escaping the realities, and this game just did a great job.


Best Story-based Games on Xbox to Try

Undertale is another game that tests your empathy and decision-making skills in times of trouble. This indie game allows the players to freely pick the best choice for them in every given situation. However, it is important to remember that every answer and action you make will have a bearing at the end of the game.

This game is about a child exploring a different world where monsters dwell and live normally. From time to time, you will encounter them and you have to choose whether to fight them or let them go. As you go on and get closer to the game ends, you will encounter different endings depending on whether you took a pacifist or genocide route.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Best Story-based Games on Xbox to Try

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a game that revolves around the experiences and hardships faced by people during World War 1. Compared to the common plots about the heroic scenes during wars, this game focused on the realities during that time that can tickle the mind of the player and test their judgment of good and bad. One thing to remember, you have to grab something to wipe your tears as you approach the end of the story.


Best Story-based Games on Xbox to Try

Set in the 16th century, this game will uncover the life journey of a Bavarian Artist Andreas Maler who has a friend accused of killing one of the barons. As you play, you will have to look for the real killer who will reveal a bunch of conspiracies, secrets, and questions that are too hard to think about.

In this game, different philosophical techniques are used in order for you to have an idea of how you define what’s right or wrong, as well as weighing who to blame and not to blame.

The Medium

Best Story-based Games on Xbox to Try

Now, if you are looking for some stuff that will leave you up at night with goosebumps all over you, better try this psychological horror game, The Medium.

The story revolves around the story of the spirit medium, Marianne. She has dreamed about an abandoned vacation resort several times and when a man tells her that he knows about her dreams’ meanings, this is where the story starts. 

This game has a lot of mysteries to unravel which horror game-lovers surely don’t want to miss. Needless to say, this game was developed by the same developers of the Silent Hill series, Resident Evil series, Blair Witch, and Layers of Fear.

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