BG3 Mystery of the Baby Crying Sound in Rosymorn Monastery

BG3 Mystery of the Baby Crying Sound in Rosymorn Monastery

In the vast world of Baldur’s Gate 3, players often stumble upon intriguing mysteries, and one such enigma is the mysterious baby crying sound echoing through Rosymorn Monastery. In this article, we will discuss if there is even a baby and if it’s a glitch or a horror activity.

Many players have reported encountering a distinct baby crying sound while exploring the Rosymorn Monastery in BG3. This sound has puzzled and intrigued players, creating a sense of mystery surrounding its origin and purpose within the game.

BG3 Mystery of the Baby Crying Sound in Rosymorn Monastery

Is there a Baby Crying in Rosymorn Monastery?

No, there is no actual baby there. However, it’s a creature called Gremishka, pretending to be a baby to lure you inside and eat you. If you are curious about the sound, just activate the See Invisibility Spell before entering and you will find out that there is no baby.

Gremishka were also able to mimic the sound of a wounded animal or small child, which could be used to lure adventurers into trap

Players who were curious enough went to check what was actually making the sound. So, BG3 players used Thunderwave spell and found out there is a box that is actually making the sound.

Final Words

It is quite an unsettling sound, I mean you are wearing headphones and suddenly you hear a baby crying and there is no baby in the game, you will end up thinking if your actual house is haunted or the game is haunted. But don’t worry and ignore the sound as it is actually a creature who is planning on eating you.

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