How Bonney Was Healed from the Disease Sapphire Scale?

How Bonney Was Healed from the Disease Sapphire Scale?

One Piece Chapter 1099 just dropped and with that, we have the answer of How Bonney was healed from the deadly disease Sapphire Scale that was incurable at the moment and was also the result of Ginny dying. Let’s get to the details below.

Bonney and Sapphire Scale

We have a detailed guide on Bonney and how she got the incurable Sapphire Scale disease, but let’s recap a little here just for clearance. Bonney got the Toshi Toshi no Mi that made her turn into her adult form when she wasn’t even 10 years old.

She is still a child, but her devil fruit powers allow her to change her age and take the appearance of a child, young woman, or even an old hag. She was later married to the Celestial Dragon of Sorbet Kingdom wearing the Sapphire Ring and getting the Sapphire Disease.

We don’t know for sure, but there are chances that the Sapphire Disease is an ability of Saturn, one of the Gerosei, who is also considered a Ushi-Oni, a spider-human hybrid creature with strange powers.

Bonney and Sapphire Scale - The Disease of the Sapphire Ring

Kuma Becoming King of Sorbet Kingdom

In the One Piece Manga Chapter 1099, we got to witness Kuma not standing innocent people getting killed in the Sorbet Kingdom.

As a result, Kuma stood forward, destroyed the palace, and also defeated King Bekori. In return, the people crowned Kuma as the King of Sorbet Kingdom.

But, as seen in the Kuma’s nature, he couldn’t be the absolute King, acting as a shadow leader and giving the King title to King Bulldog. Bulldog was the actual king 2 generations ago.

Kuma Becoming King of Sorbet Kingdom

Bonney Ate Toshi Toshi no Mi and Became an Adult

After that, we also see how Bonney ate the Toshi Toshi no Mi as a child, just by accident, just as Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi by mistake. This uncovers the fact that Devil Fruits chose its users and it is reflected by the personality of the individual as well.

So, after eating the Toshi Toshi no Mi, Bonney turned into her adult form, which is presented all over the cover pages as of now. Strangely enough, Bonney resembled Ginny in her adult form.

King Bulldog went to the church with his mother who is named Conney. Bonney turned into the old form which again resembled Conney, which she later uses to get to various locations inside.

Bonney Ate Toshi Toshi no Mi and Became an Adult

Escape of King Bekori and Entry of World Government

Kuma didn’t kill King Bekori and was locked behind bars. But, he escaped, going to the World Government’s side. This turned everything around as now the news was roaming around that Kuma was the unjust ruler of the Sorbet Kingdom, who overthrew King Bekori.

Bonney Getting Sapphire Scale Disease

Kuma went to capture and get rid of King Bekori, putting Bonney in the hands of King Bulldog. This is where Bonney got the same fate as Ginny, getting the Sapphire Scale, which is said to be from Saturn, one of the Gerosei.

Bonney was taken care of by Conney in the Sorbet Kingdom Castle, while Kuma was out there searching for a cure, as well as finding Bekori.

Bonney Getting Sapphire Scale Disease just like Ginny

Kuma Becoming Pirate and Meeting Vegapunk

After a long journey, we see Kuma fighting the Marine Fleet, as well as Bekori. Kuma defeated them and sank all the ships with his powers, becoming a pirate.

Kuma met with Dragon under the Revolutionary Army, who later told Kuma to meet Dr Vegapunk who might have a cure.

Kuma trusting Dragon went to see Vegapunk, who said that it was possible to cure Bonney’s Disease in One Piece known as Sapphire Scale through Cell Transplant.

Kuma Becoming Pirate and Meeting Vegapunk to Cure Bonney's Disease - The Sapphire Scale

Vegapunk Curing Bonney’s Disease – Sapphire Scale

It is just like creating a cyborg in One Piece. So, Vegapunk went ahead and tested Kuma’s blood to find him a Buccaneer. We don’t know about this much, but Buccaneers are a breed from outer moons who have massive bodies and strong genetics.

Vegapunk makes an offer to Kuma that he will cure Bonney for free, but Kuma will have to host the clone army in return. He agreed just because Vegapunk said it was for the just and to protect the innocent.

This is how, because of Kuma, Bonney’s Disease Sapphire Scale was cured using the technology of Vegapunk, and agreeing on making a clone army under Kuma.

Also, you might be interested in Kuma’s Bible or Book in his hand.

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