Change Usernames in New World - Is it Possible?

Change Usernames in New World – Is it Possible?

New World players are always questioning one another in every new season as to whether they can Change Usernames in New World or not. Well, here in this guide, we are going to share with you the details.

Change Usernames in New World - Is it Possible?

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New World Season 2 and Character Appearance

So, basically, the new season of the New World was launched a few days back and players were running around searching for a way to change their character appearance. But, why though?

As of right now, you can’t change the name after entering it one time. This goes the same way for the character you created. When you start the game, it asks you to enter the name and make a brand-new character based on what you like.

After that, you can’t literally do anything to your character, except put some shiny gear on top.

Can you Delete and Reuse the Username in New World?

Yes, you can delete your old character and use the name on a new one. But, there is a bit of confusion on that because players found out that it takes some time. When you delete a character, the name will be available after a few days. That is something to keep in mind as well.

Can you Change Username in New World?

No, you can’t change or edit your Username in New World. How long will it take for the developers to come up with a mechanism? We don’t know anything about that.

But, we do know that in 2023, the developers responded to the request from players revolving around the Change Username Option. As well as the Change in Character Appearance.

But, after that, the developers became quiet as well.

Change Usernames in New World - Is it Possible?

The Verdict

You Can’t Change Username in New World because the developers are quiet about it ever since the response in 2023 early. This option was one of the most sought things in the game by players from the very beginning. With that, you can’t also change your appearance in the game. You can, however, reuse the old name after deleting the character. But, it will take some time.

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