CSGO Servers Down

CSGO Servers are Down Now!! Why and for How Long

Today, the CSGO servers went down, and after some time they are again down. It might take some time for Steam and Valve to get back on the fix. Are you wondering why are they down and how long will it take? Well, here’s a detail on that.

CSGO Servers Down

Why are CSGO Servers Down?

No one knows the exact reason why it happens, but most probably it is because of CS shifting to CS Source 2. The game is shifting to a completely new engine, meaning there are going to be Server Down issues here in the CS.

Or… it might be because the cheater VAC doesn’t even care about removing them from the game. Yes, that might also be the case here because cheaters take a lot of toll on the servers.

How Long will it take to Fix the Servers?

This will probably take somewhere around 1 hour to two hours for Steam and Valve to fix the issue here. If it is something bigger, it might even be resolved slowly within a day.

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