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Diablo 4 Death’s Defence not Working

The Forums and Diablo 4 communities are filled with players having issues with the skill and items. They might be working but not as intended. Diablo 4 Death’s Defence not working is something similar where it doesn’t work on the specific enemies, while others are fine. Here in this guide, we will be discussing that in detail, while giving you some fixes as well.

What is Death’s Defence?

Death’s Defence is a Necromancer Skill in the game that enables the minions to not lose maximum life percentage from a single damage instance.

Furthermore, it belongs to the Ultimate Cluster, which is the Class Skill Tree of Necromancer. You can take the passive skills to the Rank of 3 and they are known from the small icons in a circular shape in the Necromance Skill Tree.

  • Rank 1 provides 60 percent Protected Life
  • Rank 2 provides 45 percent Protected Life
  • Rank 3 provides 30 percent Protected Life

What’s the Issue?

Well, just as the name suggests, the minions shouldn’t lose their life in a single damage instance. It is reduced in the latest patch, but still, the effect is great.

When it comes to mobs, the effect of Death’s Defence works but it doesn’t on other minions and elite abilities. They can die instantly from their abilities like traps, blasts, bombs, and so on.

Diablo 4 Death’s Defence not Working – Discussed!

So, there isn’t anything about the ability or the skill that works or doesn’t work with the Death’s Defence of Necromancer. This means the ability and the minions shouldn’t be one-shotted from the Minions and Elite Abilities.

Then again, the developers might have missed mentioning that because Blizzard is known for doing this.

The Tooltip mentions that the minions won’t be one-shotted and won’t lose more than 30 percent of their health with any ability or skill used against them.

It could also be that the game is glitched out and the Death Defence isn’t working as intended because of that. In order to fix that, you can try out the following things;

Diablo Antivirus and Firewall

Sometimes the game files are in constant competition with the Antivirus Software because of the scan. Try to disable the Antivirus, as well as the Firewall or whitelist the Diablo 4 game files to fix this issue.

Repair Game Files

Just like you did the Game File Verification on Steam, you can actually Repair the Game Files after a scan on the battlenet itself.

Update GPU and Drivers

There are times you are on old drivers or updates and that might also cause trouble like Diablo 4 Death’s Defence not Working

Download Nvidia Experience for Nvidia and AMD Adrenaline for AMD and use that to perform a clean installation of GPU Drivers. They will automatically install the latest and greatest drivers suitable for gaping, as well as your GPU.

Change Settings

Due to the sheer pressure of the game graphics while using Necromancer, the game bugs out. Yes, that is also a case here and you can go through it after changing the in-game settings, specifically related to your graphics.

Try to lower the Anti Aliasing, Shadows, Textures, and similar settings. Permanently close the Vsync and change things to see whether they work or not.

Reporting issue to Blizzard

Now, the last resort here is to simply get a ticket from Blizzard and Report the Problem. This time, you can take multiple friends and report the problem at once. Using social platforms to elevate this problem can be the proper way of fixing this issue.

Diablo 4 Death's Defence not Working

The Verdict

To the normal players reading this, the ability not working kind of doesn’t matter for them. But in the world of MMO, even a small mis conception takes away the fun and the hard work you had in the game. It requires effort, time, and hours of grind to make a character specifically for the PvP. A small misconception about an ability or a bug can ruin everything. Diablo 4 Death’s Defence not Working is something similar and the developers might have forgotten to mention extra things for this ability. On the other hand, it could be a bug and we got some fixes to help you out.

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