Diablo 4 Rubber Banding and High Latency Jumps - Fixed!

Diablo 4 Rubber Banding and High Latency Jumps – Fixed!

Rubber Banding is the most terrible and horrifying thing that can happen to a gamer. It is even worse than not being able to play the game you paid possibly 100 dollars for. You are just stuck, wanting to play the game and not being able to do anything. Diablo 4 Rubber Banding and High Latency Jumps are a common issue amongst gamers, specifically on PC and here we are going to help you out fix that.

Diablo 4 Rubber Banding and High Latency Jumps - Fixed!

What is Rubber Banding and High Latency?

Rubber Banding means you go back to the place where you came from. It is like someone just tied you to one end of a rubber band and once you make a move you come back to the same exact spot.

Imagine this; you just got started with Diablo 4, moving the mouse and character around and after some time you end up at the same spot without progressing.

Yes, this is Rubber Banding – the greatest enemy of a gamer. The High Latecy is sometimes followed along with the Rubber Banding. Actually, Rubber Banding is caused by high latency, when the internet isn’t working well and the progression isn’t caught up.

Latency is a measure of time and how much data is being progressed in that specific frame. When latency increases, the data progressed in a specific time increases, causing the game to malfunction because your data isn’t recorded.

This in return causes Rubber Banding. So both of them are parallel to each other.

How to fix Diablo 4 Rubber Banding and High Latency Jumps

Checking Ping/Latency with WinMTR

So, the first thing you need to check out is whether the internet providers are having secure ping or not. In order to do so, you need to run the WinMTR and read the Ping or Latency under the headings.

This can help you find a spot where the issue is caused from. In case the ping is the culprit here, then the providers are the ones you should contact.

Here is a forum that further clarified everything about WinMTR in case you are not sure what it is and why we use it to check Ping in Blizzard games.

Which Connection are you on?

So, you might be on Gigabit or AT&T Fibre. In case you are on that then it is surely the issue with the providers. There have been a lot of claims of Diablo 4 Rubber Banding and High Latency Jumps and nearly all of them were on AT&T or even Gigabit.

The specific region you are from might have this problem and it is again advised to run the test, check the score, and consult your internet providers. You can also check online forums or discussions on the latest internet updates in your region.


In case you were not from that specific area, based on the internet providers there and not even having ping or high latency on WinMTR, then proceed with the following things to Fix Diablo 4 Rubber Banding and High Latency.

  • Use a high-quality ethernet wire to connect with your Modem.
  • Restart the Modem to clear the cache.
  • Disconnect all the WiFi devices connected to the internet.
  • Let the Modem Cool down if you are in a hot place.
  • Make sure there are no VPN services running in the background.
  • Check the wires, there might be something wrong with them.
Diablo 4 Rubber Banding and High Latency Jumps - Fixed!

The Verdict

Diablo 4 Rubber Banding and High Latency Jumps are one of common issues with players. But have you ever wondered why is that some people in a specific region are having this issue while others are playing the game fine? Well, mostly the issue is with the Europe region where people are using the Gigabit and AT&T internet. You can run WinMTR to check the issue and in case you are clear from all of those follow our troubleshooting guide to help yourself out.

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