Diablo 4 PC vs Console

Diablo 4 PC vs Console: Which one should you buy the game for?

Diablo 4 has arrived for all platforms including PC, PS 5, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and PS 4. Yes, you heard that completely right, loud and clear. It might be a time to party, but with that, there are many confusions. Which one should you buy the game for? Don’t worry, here we have a Diablo 4 PC vs Console comparison where we will dive deep into all of these details.

PC or Console – Which one is best for Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 PC vs Console: Which one should you buy the game for

The History

The first thing that players note is that there is micromanagement in the game where you have to use various abilities, perform clicks and go around freely.

You can do that on PC because players have been playing games like Diablo for eternity, but that doesn’t mean it can only be played on that.

With clicks, you can completely massacre your mouse. Diablo games have been on the controller like… forever, meaning they neither are individual properties of the PC nor the Console.

On PS you could enjoy Diablo 1, but Diablo 2 wasn’t available on PS, but rather its remaster on it. Diablo 3 showed us how beautiful the game actually is on a Console and there are even some advantages in contrast to PC.

Diablo 4 Mouse/Keyboard vs Controller

You can move with the Keyboard, there is no doubt about that but with the Joy Stick on the Controller, you can move much more phenomenally. There is no clicking involved and there is no need to assign things to F1 Keys – well who can even reach that far except Dota 2 Players?

On the Controller, you have complete control over everything because each button is independently made for a specific control. The Diablo 4 World is in your control here.

This answers the question of PC vs Console, which one should you Buy Diablo 4 for? Well, if you like controllers, you can go with both Consoles and PC because of PC controller support. But, if you want to go with Mouse and Keyboard, the only option here is a PC.

Is Online a deal breaker for Diablo 4 Players?

Yes, it is definitely because, for online players, there are much more options like text chat, online community, and connectivity with other players. That is the deal breaker for you right here.


That’s the comparison between Diablo 4 PC vs Console. If online play is the main theme for you then go for the PC Version of Diablo 4, otherwise, Controller is exceptional for the Consoles.

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