Disney Dreamlight Valley Fire Alarm Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fire Alarm Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an enchanting life-simulation game that offers players the opportunity to embark on magical quests and adventures in a captivating Disney-themed world. As players progress through the game, they meet beloved Disney characters, complete quests, develop friendships, and work towards improving the valley as a whole. The latest update in Disney Dreamlight Valley, known as “The Remembering Update,” introduced exciting enhancements, including the Fire Alarm quest, which focuses on extinguishing green fires and enhancing the Forgotten Lands. In this blog post, we will explore Disney Dreamlight Valley Fire Alarm Quest Guide.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fire Alarm Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fire Alarm Quest Guide

Fire Alarm is the sixth quest offered by the Fairy Godmother in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Forgotten Lands. The quest revolves around enchanting the Royal Watering Can to eliminate the persistent green fires that plague the Forgotten Lands. By completing this quest, players not only assist the Fairy Godmother but also gain her friendship and unlock the ability to remove the green fires in the game.

To successfully complete the Fire Alarm quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, follow these steps:

Initiating the Quest

To begin the Fire Alarm quest, players must have already completed the story quest “Miracles Take Time” and reached Friendship Level Two with the Fairy Godmother. Locate the Fairy Godmother in the game and engage in a conversation with her to initiate the quest.

Crafting the Icy Enchantment

The Fairy Godmother reveals that the green fires can be extinguished by enchanting the player’s Royal Watering Can. To create this enchantment, players need to gather specific materials. These materials include:

  • Tourmaline x3: Pink gems obtained from Sunlit Plateau or Frosted Heights.
  • Snowball x15: Found by digging in Frosted Heights.
  • Dream Shard x5: Acquired by clearing Night Thorns or digging up sparkling patches of ground.

Removing Green Fires

Once the Icy Enchantment is crafted and applied to the Royal Watering Can, players can proceed to remove the green fires in the Forgotten Lands using their enhanced tool. This step allows players to clear the path, access previously unreachable areas, and unlock chests hidden by the green flames.

Finishing the Quest

Once you have successfully removed the green fires and beautified the Forgotten Lands, return to the Fairy Godmother to complete the “Fire Alarm” quest. She will express her gratitude for your assistance and reward you accordingly. Completing this quest not only strengthens your bond with the Fairy Godmother but also unlocks new possibilities and quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fire Alarm Quest Guide

Final Words

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a captivating and magical life-simulation game that immerses players in a Disney-themed world full of quests and adventures. The recent “Remembering Update” introduced the thrilling Fire Alarm quest, where players assist the Fairy Godmother in extinguishing green fires and improving the Forgotten Lands. By following the steps outlined in this guide, players can successfully complete the quest and unlock new opportunities in the game.

Engaging with beloved Disney characters, developing friendships, and working towards enhancing the valley as a whole are key aspects of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game provides an enchanting experience for players of all ages, allowing them to explore a world filled with wonder and excitement.

Embark on this magical journey and discover the joys of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Let your imagination soar as you meet iconic characters, complete quests, and create your own story within the enchanting realm of Disney. Enjoy the adventures that await you in this extraordinary game!

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