Where To Find DMZ Crate Key Location

Where To Find DMZ Crate Key Location

You need the Driver Crate key to access the Driver Crate. But finding this key can be tricky as it doesn’t have a specific location. This detailed article on Where To Find DMZ Crate Key Location will tell you everything you need to know. 

Where To Find DMZ Crate Key Location

How To Find the Diver Crate Key?

The Driver Crate key can randomly spawn on any DMZ map. As such, the best way to get this key is to collect as many keys as possible. Do this and one of them is bound to be the right one.

Below are some ways to collect keys in DMZ: 

Loot Containers & Lockers

Call of Duty Warzone 2’s DMZ Mode features lootable containers and lockers across all game maps. Keep an eye out for these as you make your way through the game. Although many of them are hidden, so you have to search their designated areas.

Find and loot as many of these containers as possible. The keys aren’t a guaranteed spawn so it may be a while before you get them. As you do this, remember that these areas with high loot are very contested. So stay prepared for potential enemy encounters. 

Beat AI Enemies

Highly contested areas have stronger AI enemies. And stronger enemies have a higher chance of dropping high-quality loot. This includes the Driver Crate key. 

You kill plenty of AI enemies as you make your way through the game. Just keep an eye out for what exactly they drop when you kill them. This will ensure that someone doesn’t drop the key you’re looking for only for you to miss it. 

Complete HVT Contracts

HVT Contracts are contracts to locate and eliminate high-value targets. High-value targets mean more loot, but also more security. Still, completing HVT Contracts is one of the easiest ways to get the key you’re looking for. 

Once you accept an HVT Contract, you can see its location on the tac map. It’s marked as a green area with the HVT in the center. Make your way through the enemies and HVT to complete it. 

Open Supply Drops

The game spawns Supply Drops at regular intervals. A gold square marks these Supply Drops on the map. Opening them have the highest chance of getting you the key you’re looking for.

Ideally, you should open every single Supply Drop that drops from the sky. But these are marked for every player on the map so competition is high. Instead, try to open as many drops as possible and beware of enemy players when looting them. 

Where To Find DMZ Crate Key Location


To find the Driver Crate key, you have to loot containers, open supply drops, complete HVT Contracts, and beat AI enemies. We hope this article on Where To Find DMZ Crate Key Location helps. As always, happy gaming!

Areeba Khan is a part-time gaming writer on The Panther Tech.