Fire Sale vs Banker’s Note in OSRS - Which Path To Choose?

Fire Sale vs Banker’s Note in OSRS – Which Path To Choose?

In the vast world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players are often faced with crucial decisions that can significantly impact their gameplay. One such dilemma is choosing between the Fire Sale and Banker’s Note relics. In this guide, we’ll break down the differences, benefits, and considerations to help you make an informed choice.

The Fire Sale and Banker’s Note are relics in OSRS that offer distinct advantages, catering to different aspects of your in-game journey.

Fire Sale vs Banker’s Note in OSRS - Which Path To Choose?

Fire Sale

The Fire Sale relic in OSRS provides players with the ability to sell almost anything to NPC shops at a fixed high alchemy price. This means you can turn various items into coins effortlessly, making it particularly beneficial for those focusing on wealth accumulation.

Benefits of Fire Sale

  1. Unlimited Supplies: Fire Sale ensures you have a constant influx of coins by selling items at a favorable rate.
  2. Quick Wealth Generation: Ideal for early and mid-game players, as it facilitates rapid wealth accumulation.

Banker’s Note

On the other hand, the Banker’s Note relic allows players to convert items directly from their bank into notes. This is valuable for inventory management and convenience, especially during activities like PvM combat, crafting, and construction.

Benefits of Banker’s Note

  1. Inventory Space Management: Convert items into notes to save inventory space, enhancing efficiency during various in-game activities.
  2. Crafting and Construction Ease: Useful for crafting and construction activities where having notes can streamline the process.

Choosing Between Fire Sale and Banker’s Note

The decision between Fire Sale and Banker’s Note depends on your gameplay style, preferences, and goals.


  1. Wealth Goals: If your primary focus is accumulating wealth quickly, the Fire Sale relic might be your preferred choice.
  2. Convenience in Skilling: If you frequently engage in skilling activities that require inventory space, the Banker’s Note can provide a more streamlined experience.
Fire Sale vs Banker’s Note in OSRS - Which Path To Choose?


Ultimately, whether you choose Fire Sale or Banker’s Note in OSRS depends on your unique playstyle and objectives. Consider your current needs, future goals, and the aspects of the game that matter most to you. Both relics offer valuable benefits, and your decision will shape your OSRS journey.

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