How to Fix TikTok Block Option not Showing

How to Fix TikTok Block Option not Showing

In recent times TikTok did an overhaul with their theme and it somehow confused a ton of people. Some of them can’t even Block People now because the TikTok Block Option isn’t showing up. Here in this guide, we will show you How to Fix TikTok Option not Showing and how you can Block People again on TikTok. Let’s get started!

How to Fix TikTok Block Option not Showing

Why can’t I Block people on TikTok?

A block Button or Option is something that you would really want in an app like TikTok. Your profile will be flooded with strange people and you don’t even know who they are.

Typically, when you get into the option of a profile, you can block them directly on all the social media platforms. On TikTok you could even hold a user profile and disable them from seeing your post or making a contact through likes, follows, comments, or messages.

Every Social Media app will work on Following and making connections. The reason you can’t Block People on TikTok is that they moved the Block Button from where it was present before.

How to Fix TikTok Block Option not Showing

In order to Fix TikTok Block Option not showing, you will have to look for the area where you had three dots. It is not replaced by an arrow. Press on that and you can find the Block Option as before.

  • Open TikTok
  • Get to the Profile you want to Block
  • Find the Arrow Key (Right Corner where three dots were available)
  • Click on Block
How to Fix TikTok Block Option not Showing

How to Block on TikTok?

In order to block someone on TikTok, you will have to find the Arrow Key that is now in place instead of the three dots. Just click on the Arrow Key and you will find an option that says Block.

Clicking on Block will now Block that user on your TikTok. Pretty Simple and the same as before.

Can’t Find Block Button on TikTok

Even still, you don’t see a Block Button on TikTok after an update, you just have to do these quick steps.


TikTok is one of the best social media platforms as of right now and it is giving a hard time to YouTube, previously with no competition. Recently due to an overhaul on the app, users can’t Find the Block Button or can’t Block on TikTok. If you are one of those people and want to Fix TikTok Block Option not Showing, just click on the Arrow Key on the right corner and click on Block. It should be done after you got into the profile of someone you wanted to Block. So that is how to Block Someone on TikTok.

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