How to Convert Movies to VR

Get the Most out of your VR Headset: Learn How to Convert Movies to VR

Virtual Reality is gaining more popularity than ever before and if you are a fan of VR then, you surely need to Learn How to Convert Movies to VR for an exceptional. 

Getting your hands on a VR Headset was quite difficult way back in our days of Youth, but now there are various companies making them in even quite budget-friendly price ranges.

While normal Movie lovers use big screens to expand their pleasure, the VR user can simply go to that Movie. The good old days of 3D Movies are over and new days of VR Movies are coming soon. But, if you are a VR Headset owner, how to get the most out of your Headset? 

For that, we have here an amazing Guide where we Help you Convert your Movies into VR so that you can get the maximum pleasure in the comfort of your home.

How to Convert Movies to VR?

How to Convert Movies to VR?

The most efficient and best way to Convert your Movies into VR is by using a simple Converter. There are both paid and free options available in the market. Download the Movie you want to convert to VR, put it in the VR Converter and as a result, you will get your simple 2D Movie into a VR Movie.

Best Movie to VR Converters

There are a ton of choices on the Internet when you go in search of Movie to VR Converters. It is obvious that you can’t trust them all, but it’s that you can only trust 1 or 2 of them to be precise here. Here are our Recommendations;

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

This is a Converter that simply converts your normal movies (even the old DVD ones) to SBS 3D mode. VR isn’t a format, but rather a type of technology and you need a format to run those. 3D SBS is a type of format in VR. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about this Converter supporting Audio or Video Formats, because it has all the stuff you need. 

Using a VR Headset for Smartphone? Well, it also got you covered there. 

Steps to Convert Movie to VR

  • Add Movie File to VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate changing the choice to 3D Maker in the Toolbox tab. Click on Plus button to add
  • 3D Maker settings will pop off. Select the stuff you want to add like Split Screen and select an output format as well here. Check your VR Headset to know which format it supports
  • Select the Designation folder and click on “Generate 3D’. Simple as that!

Wondershare Ani3D Uni Converter

Wondershare Ani3D Uni Converter

It might be expensive but it is the best Movie to VR Converter you will ever find in your life. There is no need to explain anything here because there are YouTube Tutorials available, as well as a whole site that is made for just this one software. Get Windershare Ani3D uni Converter here.

Other Considerable Options


What’s a VR Video?

VR is short-term for Virtual Reality, meaning it is an enhanced version of your 3D Videos. There is the multi-projected environment, combining the physical world with the modeled world, putting together something ultra-realistic upfront. 

What’s the Difference between 2D Movies and VR Movies?

2D is the typical style of movies where we watch them with our own eyes in 2 dimensions. There is no need for applications or technological devices to experience those movies. 

On the other hand, VR Movies enhance that experience, bringing things around you in Multi-Dimensional space. The environment is turned to that specific Movie. But, for that, you need special equipment like VR Headsets, Players, and Hand-held devices that let you touch/feel the stuff. 

How to watch VR Movies?

As we already mentioned that you need special equipment to watch VR or experience it. There are 4 basic types we all have heard or possibly know about;

  • VR Headset: The best possible way to experience VR
  • VR Viewer: A cheaper version of the VR Headset, sometimes referred to as the VR Cardboard. It is made for Smartphones.
  • VR Player: These are Softwares that can run Vr Videos
  • Web Player: If you don’t have the goggles, then you can experience 360-degree videos through the Web Player. It isn’t the complete experience but you will get the point.

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