How To Get Unlimited Broom Boost In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Get Unlimited Broom Boost In Hogwarts Legacy

The wizarding world is certainly less exciting without a broomstick, here’s how to get and upgrade a broomstick at Hogwarts Legacy. As a game that duplicates the world of Harry Potter, the existence of a broomstick is an inseparable part.

Of course, Harry Potter fans still remember the scene of Harry winning the Quidditch championship between dormitories. But unfortunately there are no Quidditch game challenges at Hogwarts Legacy, an abandoned Legacy apparently.

But players can still feel the sensation of riding a broomstick to get to a distant area.

This is more fun and not boring than just walking from one place to another. Because a broomstick is one of the main tools of a magician and every extraordinary witch must have a broomstick can make them travel anywhere they like in a flash!

Now, before talking about how to get unlimited broom boost in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s better to know where to obtain the broom beforehand.

How To Get Unlimited Broom Boost In Hogwarts Legacy

Take Flying Class

In order to have your own broomstick, you’ll need to take a flying class that introduces the concept of flying to new players. Only after this mission was completed could they travel to Hogsmeade to get their own Broom. Players can also upgrade their broom by taking part in certain trials that test maneuverability and speed.

If the player succeeds in passing advanced trials, then it will make your broomstick better and different than before.

How to Unlock The Other Brooms

The Spintwitch in Hogsmeade has a wide variety of broomsticks to choose from.

However, the new broom option becomes available after the player completes “Fly Class”, after the “Jackdaw’s Rest” session. Once the selection is unlocked, players can purchase their preferred Broom model for 600 Gold.

A price that might force them to sell certain obsolete equipment or scour the surroundings first for loot and treasure.

To unlock other broomstick variants, players must first complete exploration challenges and pop balloons across the Hogwarts Legacy world map.

Here’s how many balloons players have to pop and what broom variants will unlock:

  • 2 balloons, will unlock the Night Dancer Broom variant
  • 5 balloons, unlocks the Lickety Swift Broom variant
  • 10 balloons, unlocks the Wild Fire Broom
  • 15 balloons, unlocks Bright Spark Broom

Players may also find other broom variants when traveling to small villages in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Although Hogwarts Legacy does not include any Quidditch game challenges, broomsticks will be of great use to players throughout the game.

How To Get Unlimited Broom Boost In Hogwarts Legacy

Upgrading The Broom

Players must complete side challenges (side quests) from a person named Albie Weekes and Imelda Reyes.

Weekes was the owner of the Spintwitch Sports Supplies store and Reyes was a Slytherin student. Start talking to Weekes about wanting the broom upgrade and the challenge it provides in the form of a fast battle against Reyes.

Reyes always hangs out on the Quidditch Field and tasks players with beating his speed in a fairly simple area.

Challenges must be completed within a certain time with this one trick.

Players will encounter golden balloons and get them, because these balloons will add extra speed to the broomstick. Players need to know, Reyes is a gifted student in Hogwarts Legacy, he will start with simple challenges to the most complex ones.

Adjusts to the upgrade level the player wants and this will get the player used to the strengths and weaknesses of their broom.

Players need around 1,000 Gold to initiate trial-based side missions. But the increase in acceleration and speed is definitely felt when every single level is upgraded.

There will be a time lag from one upgrade level to the next, the player will be notified when he is ready to test new adjustments. The achievement “Flying the Good Flight” will be unlocked once the player has mastered each time trial and obtained the perfect upgrade.

The higher the broom upgrade level, the shorter the time players have to explore the iconic locations of Hogwarts Legacy.

Talking about the game itself, Hogwarts Legacy is now available on Steam if you play on PC. When downloading, you can also use VPN to help you get smoother internet connection. The gaming VPN will never impose a bandwidth or data limit, instead, it’ll help you in getting better pings that can be useful if you want to play shooting online game. 

How to Boost The Broom

Now, if you got yourself a broom, try to hop on it and strat flying. In order to gain the boost, you need to hold the R2 button, or RT on the Xbox controller. That way, you can fly forward more quickly. 

You can go faster, by the way, by holding the L2 button or L2 on Xbox Controller. This will drain the boost gauge on the bottom-right of the screen. And as it completely drained, you’ll no longer have the boost, but can still go forward by using the R2 button.

How To Get Unlimited Broom Boost in Hogwarts Legacy

There’s also a trick to get the unlimited boost, more like a glitch actually. The unlimited boost is not something that you can unlock that works as some sort of achievement. It’s more like a trick you can do at any point of the game as long as you have the broom.

If you fly close enough to the ground, you can see that the boost bar will eventually be filled. By doing this everytime the bar is completely depleted, you can gain the additional boost by hovering slightly above the ground for unlimited times.

Yes, although it may look not as awesome as flying the broom normally, it still works if you want to achieve the better broom speed. And that’s how you get the unlimited broom boost in Hogwarts Legacy!

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