How To Beat The Engulfed Castle In Pikmin 4

How To Beat The Engulfed Castle In Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4, where brave space explorers embark on thrilling rescue missions across the mysterious planet PNF-404. In this guide, we will delve into How To Beat The Engulfed Castle In Pikmin 4, an intriguing cavern that requires you to navigate through fiery foes with the help of Blue Pikmin, notorious for their vulnerability to fire. With our step-by-step walkthrough, you will conquer the Engulfed Castle and discover valuable treasures to power your ship on your journey. Let’s dive right in!

How To Beat The Engulfed Castle In Pikmin 4

How To Beat The Engulfed Castle In Pikmin 4

Sublevel 1

Hoop Of Passion

Upon entering Sublevel 1, take out the nearby fire trap and head around to bait the fire beast into a nearby puddle. With its flames extinguished, defeat the fire beast and collect any nectar eggs scattered around. Smash the dirt wall, and with Oatchi’s help, slide through the bars to acquire the Hoop Of Passion treasure.

Switch for Hoop Of Passion

To retrieve the Hoop Of Passion, you’ll need to find the switch that lowers the fence blocking its path. Explore the area, defeat enemies, and eliminate fire traps to uncover the hidden switch.

Other Treasures

Continue exploring Sublevel 1 to find other treasures like the Vanishing Cookie and Secured Satchel. Be cautious of the fire-breathing enemies and utilize Oatchi’s abilities to deal with them effectively.

Subsequent Sublevels

As you progress through the Sublevels in the Engulfed Castle, be prepared to face more challenging enemies and obstacles. Utilize the Blue Pikmin’s ability to traverse water and their resistance to submerge them in order to bolster your team’s strength.

Boss Battle

The Engulfed Castle presents a formidable boss that guards the final treasure. Plan your approach carefully, considering the boss’s abilities and weaknesses. Utilize your Pikmin strategically, and don’t forget to make the most of any newly acquired abilities and items.

How To Beat The Engulfed Castle In Pikmin 4


With a well-executed strategy and the assistance of your trusty Pikmin, you can conquer the Engulfed Castle and claim its valuable treasures. Navigate through fiery traps, vanquish menacing enemies, and unravel the mysteries hidden within this perilous cavern. Strengthen your Pikmin army, harness the unique abilities of Oatchi, and show your mettle as a skilled space explorer in Pikmin 4. Best of luck on your thrilling adventure!

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