Pikmin 4 Hot Sandy Duel - How to defeat Louie Dandori

Pikmin 4 Hot Sandy Duel – How to defeat Louie Dandori

Are you having trouble with the Pikmin 4 Hot Sandy Duel? Well, here we have a guide on How to defeat Louie Dandori to help you out.

Pikmin 4 Hot Sandy Duel - How to defeat Louie Dandori

Hot Sandy Duel is none other than a Pikmin 4 Dandori Battle. You can effortlessly find it in the area of Giant’s Hearth. If you can get through this duel and defeat Louie Dandori, you will be given a platinum rank.

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How to defeat Louie Dandori in Hot Sandy Duel

There are steps to doing the Hot Sandy Duel in Pikmin 4. Below, we got each step figures out for you so that you can effortlessly defeat Louie Dendori.

Get Rid of Side Enemies First

After the start of the battle, the first thing that you need to do is focus on the enemies that are on your side or side of the map. It will enable you to securely rotate later on in the duel.

Not only that, the treasures that you are collecting will also be much easier and Pikmin in the squad will increase in number.

Get Treasures and Bonus in Hot Sandy Duel

Now that you have the side area covered, you can have a ton of Pikmin in the team. It is time to proceed with the treasures and collect as much as you can. There is also a bonus on the map that you can collect from the sides.

Golden Nuggets are something that we recommend you aim for, but they are secured by Sleeping Enemy. Don’t attack the enemy and you can collect them effortlessly.

Sneak Bomb and Oatchi

Oatchi has that unique swallow skill in Pikmin 4 Hot Sandy Duel. You can utilize that to carry the Sneak Bomb. Then take it to the onion to get rid of the progress they have.

Most of the time you might wonder whether the dog will eat the sneak bomb or not. Not, it won’t get stolen as long as it is inside Oatchi.

Destroy Straws to get Treasure

Don’t forget that there are straws that you can get rid of. Behind them, there is a treasure. But, there is a catch to them. The treasure only appears when you have the treasure as bonus finds.

There is no need to go for them and waste your time if the treasure isn’t a bonus find.

Keep your Focus on Pikmin

Finally, the last thing that we recommend to defeat Louie Dandori in Pikmin 4 is to keep your focus on your own Pikmin the most. It will not only help you complete the Hot Sandy Duel but also have a flow on your tasks.

Pikmin can be lost in unusual situations or places because the game is designed in a way. It will disturb your progress and make it harder for you.

Pikmin 4 Hot Sandy Duel - How to defeat Louie Dandori

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