Pikmin 4 Disco Ball Boss - How to Defeat Disco Long Legs/Groovy Long Legs

Pikmin 4 Disco Ball Boss – How to Defeat Disco Long Legs/Groovy Long Legs

Out of all the strange bosses in Pikmin 4, Disco Long Legs is by far one of the strangest. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss the Pikmin 4 Discos Ball Boss, where we show you How to Defeat Disco Long Legs also known as the Groovy Long Legs.

Pikmin 4 Disco Ball Boss - How to Defeat Disco Long Legs/Groovy Long Legs

The round ball of lightning, music, long legs, and disco can be found in the area of Below-Grade Discotheque. The whole room is meant for this boss specifically and you can hear the beat once the boss fight starts.

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How to Defeat Disco Long Legs in Disco Ball Fight

Disco Ball in Pikmin 4 has three stages. Meaning, the color changes to each stage here.

  • First Stage is the Blue
  • Second Stage is Yellow
  • Third Stage is Red

Below, we got precautionary measures for each stage and what you should be doing in each of those to defeat Groovy Long Legs.

Red Pikmin and Rock Pikmin

For this fight, you only need to have body hits. Therefore, our recommendation for the Disco Ball Fight is to have the Red Pikmin for damage.

On the other sid,e the Disco Long Legs can damage you using the beat stomps that go with the beat of the music. Therefore, the second Pikmin that can work out is the Rock Pikmin.

Don’t get Hit by Purple Spray/Smoke- Blue Form

The first thing that you need to look out for is the spray. There are three states indicated by the color. In its blue state, the Disco Ball is not that agile, but there is a chance that it will spray purple smoke on you.

In that state, you can’t call back your Pikmin because they are confused. The only way you can call them back is when the Disco Long Legs will become blue again or the stomps hit them creating the shockwaves.

Close to Centre of Disco Long Legs – Yellow Form

The second stage is Yellow Form where the Groovy Long Legs does go agile and starts spamming the ground stomps. At that time you need to stick as close to the ball itself.

To snap him out of this stage, you will have to use damage him as much as you can and it will trip him over. Don’t forget about you Pikmin here.

Just Stay Away – Red Form

Finally, in the Red Form, the Disco Ball goes berserk. At that time, you just have to keep your distance and run away as much as you can from him. There will be chances for you to attack him. Use the Pikmin here and wait till it turns Blue.

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