How To Catch Foxicile in Palworld

How To Catch Foxicile in Palworld

Palworld, the captivating multiplayer open-world survival crafting game, holds the promise of exciting adventures with mysterious creatures called “Pals.” Uncover the elusive Pal No. 057, Foxicile, in Palworld with this quick and easy guide. Follow these simple steps to locate and add Foxicile to your Paldeck, enhancing your party with its ice-type prowess.

How To Catch Foxicile in Palworld

How To Catch Foxicile in Palworld

Foxicile is an ice-type Pal, belonging to Paldeck No. 057. It possesses the ability to boost and strengthen all other ice-type pals in your party, making it a valuable addition.

Discover Foxicile in the snowy region located at the top right corner of the map. Head towards the fast travel point, Pal Alliance Tower Entrance, to find this chilly Pal.

Exercise caution when attempting to catch Foxicile, as it is advisable to be at or above level 25. Engage in battles and level up your character to increase your chances of successfully capturing this ice-type Pal.

How To Catch Foxicile in Palworld

Strategy for Capture

Prepare yourself with appropriate items, and approach Foxicile cautiously. Ice-type pals are known for their resilience, so ensure your character is well-equipped for the encounter. I recommend using a Musket or a handgun against Foxicile. Also try to bring out your fire type Pal to fight against Foxicile.

Boosting Ice-Type Pals

Once you successfully capture Foxicile, leverage its unique ability to enhance the capabilities of all other ice-type pals in your party. Strategically include it in your Paldeck for optimal benefits.

Snowy Terrain Exploration

Explore the snowy area thoroughly, as Foxicile might have specific spawn points within this region. Utilize the Pal Alliance Tower Entrance as a reference point to navigate and locate Foxicile efficiently.

Final Words

Unravel the frosty mystery of Pal No. 057, Foxicile, and enhance your Palworld adventure by capturing this valuable ice-type Pal. Navigate the snowy landscapes, level up your character, and build a powerful team with Foxicile’s unique abilities!

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