Where to Find Gold Chest in Palworld

Where to Find Gold Chest in Palworld

In the expansive world of Palworld, finding Gold Chests can lead to valuable loot and resources. These chests are scattered across various biomes, offering players the chance to uncover treasures. Here’s a guide on where to find Gold Chests in Palworld:

Where to Find Gold Chest in Palworld

Arctic Biome

The Arctic biome in the northern part of the map appears to be a common location for spawning Gold Chests. Explore this region thoroughly to increase your chances of discovering hidden treasures.

Snowy Mountainous Areas

Look for tall structures and mountainous areas. Climbing to the top of these structures might reveal Gold Chests waiting to be looted. Coordinates such as -126,607 have been reported to have multiple Gold Chests. You need to explore thoroughly. Moreover, you will find the gold keys too in the red chests here.

Where to Find Gold Chest in Palworld

Black Marketeer

Defeating Black Marketeers can reward you with Gold Keys too, which are essential for unlocking the rarest Gold Chests. Prepare for a challenging battle as Black Marketeers are formidable opponents (Level 40).

Golden Chest Rewards?

You can get rare and uncommon schematics from these chests like pump action shotgun or refined metal helm which you cannot make early game.

Final Words

Remember, the hunt for Gold Chests in Palworld is an exciting adventure, and each discovery brings the thrill of unknown riches. Stay prepared for challenges, explore diverse biomes, and use community resources to enhance your chances of finding these elusive treasures. Happy hunting!

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