How to Change Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Change Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a challenge for some people while Hardcore gamers don’t find it quite up to their level. These Hardcore gamers are looking for settings to level up the difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy. Don’t worry, here is a Guide on How to Change Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy to help you out.

Why Change Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy

As a short note let us tell you that there is no shame in simply enjoying the game in the easiest mode. The gamers who have been in this scene only want to play the game in the hardest difficulty because they can and they are addicted to challenges. But, the harder difficulty is, the less you can explore the game.

If you are a junior gamer who is just starting out in gaming or even a senior who does gaming for fun, we recommend that you don’t increase the difficulty level of Hogwarts Legacy.

It is an exceptionally beautiful and well-developed game that deserves your precious time. Play it for the sake of fun, not for the sake of challenge!

Now, talking about the Difficulty Level in Hogwarts Legacy, the developers have something for every gamer out there. There are ways you can utilize to Change your Difficulty Level in Hogwarts Legacy.

What are the Difficulty Levels in Hogwarts Legacy?

What are the Difficulty Levels in Hogwarts Legacy

Just like we mentioned there is something for every player here. A total of 4 Difficulty Levels are present in Hogwarts Legacy, which are;

Story Difficulty

The easiest mode that is completely stress-free. You can enjoy every aspect of the game without having to worry about dying.

Easy Difficulty

If the Story Difficulty is too easy for you, then there is Easy Difficult that brings somewhat challenging to the table for you.

Normal Difficulty

The developers want you to play the game on Normal Difficulty. There isn’t anything hard and there is also nothing easy. It is the middle point or you can even call it the sweet spot of Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hard Difficulty

This is the fourth Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy and the hardest you can go. It is a challenge for most players and the developers put in a lot of spice. Only try things if you are ready for the challenge.

How to Change Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy?

How to Change Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy?

When you will start the game for the very first time, you will be given the choice of picking out the 4 Difficulties in Hogwarts Legacy. But what if you want to change it after choosing it the first time?

In case you are having trouble playing the game on the difficulty you chose or if it’s too easy for you, you can change it mid-game as well. Here is How to Change the Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Press the Pause Button on the Console or PC
  • Go to the Options Menu of Gameplay
  • Go to the Difficulty Settings
  • On top, you will find a Drop Down that lets you Choose Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy.

Which Difficulty you should choose in Hogwarts Legacy?

Which Difficulty you should choose in Hogwarts Legacy?

For the most part, the choice of Difficulty is completely yours in the game. Don’t listen to anyone nor get frustrated by anyone because you are not here to please anyone else, but rather yourself.

But still, there are times you might be looking for the best experience of the game, then go with the Story or the Easy Difficulty of Hogwarts Legacy. In case you are a regular gamer, then Normal is kind of made for that.

Furthermore, there is Hard Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy is made for Hardcore gamers who want to feel the heat and the spice, this game can bring to the table. But keep in mind that Hard Difficulty can take a toll on the storyline. You might not even enjoy the game and focus only to tackle the difficulty.

Final Verdict

Yes, you can change the Difficulty, and here’s How to Change the Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy if you are wondering how. But keep in mind that Hogwarts Legacy is a game specifically designed to get the most out of this Magical World not to test your Difficulty Level.

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