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How To Change Sensitivity In Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka: Bladepoint is an action-packed battle royale game that challenges players to engage in fast-paced combat and precision-driven gameplay. To excel in the game, having the right sensitivity settings is essential. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to fine-tune your settings or a new player who wants to optimize their gameplay, understanding how to change sensitivity in Naraka: Bladepoint is crucial. In this article, we will guide you through How To Change Sensitivity In Naraka Bladepoint, empowering you to customize your controls and enhance your performance on the battlefield.

How To Change Sensitivity In Naraka Bladepoint

How To Change Sensitivity In Naraka Bladepoint

Sensitivity settings in Naraka: Bladepoint play a significant role in your ability to aim accurately, react swiftly, and maintain precise control over your character’s movements. Achieving the right balance between mouse/controller sensitivity and your personal preference can greatly impact your gameplay experience. By customizing sensitivity settings, you can find a configuration that suits your playstyle, allowing you to swiftly track opponents, perform precise maneuvers, and engage in combat with confidence.

Accessing the Settings Menu

To change sensitivity settings in Naraka: Bladepoint, you’ll need to access the game’s settings menu. The process is straightforward and can be accomplished within a few simple steps:

  1. Launch Naraka: Bladepoint and navigate to the main menu.
  2. Look for the settings icon, often represented by a gear or cogwheel, typically located in the top-right corner of the menu bar.
  3. Click on the settings icon to open the settings menu.

Adjusting Sensitivity

Once you are in the settings menu, locate the sensitivity settings section. Depending on the platform you are playing on, you may find separate options for mouse sensitivity and controller sensitivity. Here’s how you can adjust your sensitivity settings:

  • For Mouse Sensitivity:
    • Locate the mouse sensitivity slider or numerical value.
    • Move the slider or enter the desired sensitivity value to increase or decrease the sensitivity.
    • Test the sensitivity by moving your mouse and make adjustments as needed.
    • Fine-tune the settings until you find the sensitivity that feels comfortable and responsive to your movements.
  • For Controller Sensitivity:
    • Find the controller sensitivity option or look for separate sliders for X-axis and Y-axis sensitivity.
    • Adjust the sliders to increase or decrease the sensitivity based on your preference.
    • Test the sensitivity by moving the controller thumbsticks and make further adjustments if necessary.
    • Continuously refine the settings until you achieve a sensitivity level that allows for precise control and swift response.

Experimenting and Finding the Right Sensitivity

Changing sensitivity settings in Naraka: Bladepoint is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every player has their own preferences and playstyle. It is important to experiment with different sensitivity levels and fine-tune the settings to discover what works best for you. Start with moderate sensitivity values and gradually adjust them higher or lower until you find the sweet spot that allows you to aim accurately, perform swift movements, and maintain control during intense combat situations.

Considering Mouse DPI

For players using a mouse, it’s worth noting that the DPI (dots per inch) setting of your mouse can also influence sensitivity. Higher DPI values result in faster cursor movements, while lower DPI values yield slower and more controlled movements. It is recommended to adjust both the in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI settings to achieve optimal control and precision.

How To Change Sensitivity In Naraka Bladepoint


Customizing sensitivity settings in Naraka: Bladepoint is a crucial step in optimizing your gameplay experience. By accessing the settings menu and adjusting mouse/controller sensitivity, you can tailor the controls to your preference, allowing for precise aiming, quick reactions, and fluid character movements. Remember to experiment with different sensitivity levels and find the configuration that feels comfortable and responsive to your playstyle. With the right sensitivity settings, you’ll be ready to dominate the battlefield and emerge as a formidable force in Naraka: Bladepoint.

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