Naraka Bladepoint Female Censorship Explained

Naraka Bladepoint Female Censorship Explained

Let’s be honest here. Nearly all Chinese games have their audience coming to the game for those perfect female characters. But, wouldn’t it be a problem if they start censoring all of that? You can pretty much see the same stuff or more through mods and Google searches, but what’s the take here? Here in this guide, we are going to explain the Naraka Bladepoint Female Censorship in detail.

Naraka Bladepoint Female Censorship Explained

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Is Naraka Bladepoint Censoring Females?

Yes, sadly that is completely true here. Naraka Bladepoint recently announced that they are bringing a female audience change in their game, which is basically censoring them.

The thing they are going to censor is breast cleavage from female outfits. Furthermore, they are going to remove/disable the jiggle physics as well, which is also called breast physics.

Why are they removing breast cleavage and physics from Naraka Bladepoint Female Outfits?

They have no other choice in this matter. To make the game more appropriate for the smaller audience, who are under 18 years of age, they are bringing in the “Age Appropriate” card.

Another thing could be that they are being forced to do so because of the CCP. The same thing was seen with other Chinese games and the most notable example is Genshin Impact.

They took a different approach by letting the Non-Chinese audience access the old outfits. But, Naraka Bladepoint Developers, 24 Entertainment, took a different approach.

Does the Naraka Bladepoint Female Censorship change anything?

With regards to the in-game community, it will change the female outfits as a whole. But when it comes to the overall picture here and the aim for the devs to censor the stuff, it doesn’t change anything at all.

You can basically go to any search engine or art station and see everything you need to see.

Will Naraka Bladepoint Refund all the Female Outfits?

Yes, they are giving you the in-game gold as a refund or in-game currency. This was followed by other Chinese games as well.

You are not getting your real-spent money, but you do get the in-game gold to spend on something else.

Naraka Bladepoint Female Censorship Explained

The Verdict

Naraka Bladepoint Female Censorship is a part of the EU and Chinese Rune. The backend story is unknown but all Chinese Game Devs are removing such things from their games. Yes, it is senseless when you notice that people can basically search for everything online and can basically make anything they can. But, for a smaller audience, this was done by the law. Naraka Bladepoint Female Censorship includes removal of Female Breast Cleavage, as well as Breast Physics, AKA the Jiggle Physics. You will surely get a refund for the skins you had in the form of in-game currency.

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