How to stop getting Bot Lobbies in Naraka Bladepoint

Skip Tutorial in Naraka Bladepoint – Explained!

Naraka Bladepoint has some of the most mesmerizing cinematics and character graphics. But, the game literally lacks those tutorials. Here we got all the details on whether can you Skip Tutorial in Naraka Bladepoint or not.

Skip Tutorial in Naraka Bladepoint

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Can you Skip Tutorial in Naraka Bladepoint?

No, you can’t skip these tutorials in the game because they have a specific purpose. The game doesn’t show you the story while playing the game and talking to people.

The small Tutorials will tell you all about the characters and give you an outline of what’s going on here. Therefore, the game developers thought, why not force the players into skipping the tutorials?

Skip Tutorial in Naraka Bladepoint

The Verdict

You can’t skip tutorials in Naraka Bladepoint because the game gives you all the information through them. There is no other way in the game to learn things except the tutorials. These small tutorials mean everything and unfortunately, you can’t pass through them.

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