How to Disable Instagram Notes

How to Disable Instagram Notes

We have all heard of Instagram Notes and some of us have been anxiously waiting for it to be released worldwide to experience it. Meta Officially Launched this new Instagram Feature and sadly it didn’t go as planned. So, we compiled this How to Disable Instagram Notes Guide in order to remove it from your Instagram DM Section. 

Instagram Notes

What is the issue with Instagram Notes?

Meta has been testing the Instagram Notes feature for some while as it was closely tied with the Inbox Section from where you can use this Quick Note feature. 

The Notes will appear for around 24 hours in your Friend Inbox section and there is a limit of 60 Characters that you can send as Notes to your Close Friends and the ones you Follow Back.

Needless to say, not all of us want to have a messy Inbox Section and that is probably why Instagram Notes didn’t do so well for all users. Follow this guide below to know How to Disable Instagram Notes Feature from your Account.

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Instagram New Feature

How to Disable Instagram Notes Feature from your Account?

Considering that not all Instagram Users will like Instagram Notes and will probably want to Turn Off the Instagram Notes Feature from Account, the developers also made a way to Disable Instagram Notes from the application itself.

Disable Instagram Notes

Steps to Turn Off Instagram Notes

  • Open your Instagram Application and Log into your account (if not logged in already). 
  • From there go to the DM section or the Inbox section
  • Right on top of that page, you will find the Instagram Notes that are sent to you from your Followers.
  • Press on the Note for a while and afterward, a Menu Tab page will appear
  • Furthermore, you will find a Mute Note Option on that page
  • Click on that Mute Note Option to Turn Off the Instagram Notes Feature.
  • In this way, you won’t be able to see the Note from your Followers
  • Do this step for all the Notes and you will end up with no Notes at all.

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Final Verdict

That is all in our Guide on How to disable Instagram Notes. The steps are simple, but you will have to individually Mute all the Notes in order to Turn Off the Instagram Notes for that specific person. There is no other way around this. Hope this Guide helps you and feel free to let us know your thoughts in the Comment Section Below.


Where are Instagram Notes seen?

If you have the latest Instagram installed, you can go to the Chat Box and see the Instagram Notes from your friends.

What to write in Instagram Notes?

It is like a quick note feature that your friends can see or more like a short story. You can type in 60 characters long sentences or captions to let your friends know about your thoughts like

  • Girls wanna have fun
  • Big Dreams
  • Bucket List
  • Coming Soon
  • See you Soon
  • Etc.

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Who can see my Instagram Notes?

You can share Instagram Notes with two types of people, that being Closed Friends and ones you Follow Back. So, both of these groups can see your Instagram Notes.

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