How to do Brother's Keeper Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

How to do Brother’s Keeper Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has its fair share of Quests and if you are stuck with Brother’s Keepers, then here is an amazing Guide on How to Do Brother’s Keeper Quest in Hogwarts Legacy to help you out.

Well, you are the main character of the game, what do you expect? The people of Hogwarts need someone to help them sort things out and that means you are the only one to take on quests, then solve them. One of the famous quests is Brothers Keepers where you have to find the missing Brother.

Where to find Brother’s Keeper Quest?

Where to find Brother’s Keeper Quest?

You will find the Brother’s Keeper Quest in Upper Hogsfield. This is a location which is between Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, giving it the name Upper Hogsfield. It is a Village, where upon entrance, you will find the two quests.

For the most part, one of those Quests is the famous Brother’s Keeper Quest and when you talk with Dorothy Sprottle, the Quest starts. She is quite worried about the disappearance of Bardolph Beaumont – brother of Claire. She will give you the Quest to find him.

Preparing for the Quest

It isn’t much you have to prepare for except some awfully strong enemies in your path. We recommend you go beyond Level 17 to proceed with the Brother’s Keeper Quest.

How to do Brother’s Keeper Quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

How to do Brother’s Keeper Quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

In order to complete the Brother’s Quest, you will have to first go to the Bardolph Beaymount Camp, where he was staying in. He was near the forest, training for the Dark Magic, and near a Rokwood’s Ruin, Dorothy Sprottle saw him as well.

According to the good old lady, he was in trouble with Ashwinders because he made a promise to them and didn’t keep it afterward. Therefore, he got missing and town folks were looking for him.

He also kept a promise to Claire – his Sister that he will manage the shop. Now that you have all the information follow onwards with our Guide on How to do Brothers’ Keeper Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

What you will be needing?

  • Teleport towards the Entrance of North Ford Bog using your Broom or using the Floo Flame.
  • Get yourself in good gear because you will be going toe to toe with Inferius and Poacher Tracker.

Going to Ruins and getting Tattered Jumper

Going to Ruins and getting Tattered Jumper for Brother’s Keeper Quest

When you get back to the Ruins, you will find that there are a ton of Inferius there and they will be going after you. They should be killed with the Hogwarts Legacy Fire Spell or you can also utilize the Explosive Barrels if you want to get their guard down and make an opening for attack.

If you are of a good heart, you might not want to kill the boy, but there is nothing remaining of him. He is now an Inferius. After getting him, you will be rewarded with the Tattered Jumper.

Going back to Claire

Going back to Claire to tell her about her Brother in Brother’s Keeper Quest

Finally, you have to go back to Clair and tell her all about Brother Beaumont, as well as the fate he had to bear. In order to tell her that follow the steps below;

  • Go to the Upper Hogsfield using the Broom or Floo Flame
  • Go to the Shop owned by Claire
  • Find and Talk to Her

Choices when Telling Claire about her Brother

There will be two choices given by the game when you talk to Claire. You can either choose to tell her that her brother was slain because he was turned to Inferius. You will show Tattered Jumper he owned to make her believe you.

Or, you can also lie to her and tell her that Bardolph – Brother of Claire, wanted a new life and therefore, went outside the Town to pursue a new life.

The reward for Completing Brother’s Keeper Quest

The reward for Completing Brother’s Keeper Quest

Finally, after completing the Brother’s Keeper Quest, you will be rewarded with 180 Experiences (XP) and you will also get a new Wand Handle. Quite good for even a difficult Quest like this one.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s How to Do Brother’s Keeper Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Keep in mind that you have to be above 17 Level and with good Gear in order to kill the enemies you are going to face here in the Brother’s Quest.

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