How to do Depths of Despair Quest in Diablo 4

How to do Depths of Despair Quest in Diablo 4

Yes, the developers made Diablo 4 in quite a new and interesting way. You might have to wait for hours in the queue to find a match, but the quests of the game are quite spectacular. Here’s How to Do Depths of the Despair Quest in Diablo 4 to help you out.

Complete Diablo 4 Depths of Despair Quest

In order to complete the Depths of Despair Quest, you will have to follow the following steps;

  • Get the Quest from Sister Octavia
  • Complete the Celler Floor along with Sister
  • Talk to Kvera
  • Complete the Kyovashad Sewers
  • Talk to Sister again
  • Place the Cup
  • Fight the Boss

That’s it! You completed this quest. For details, follow our guide.

Talking to Sister Octavia

The first thing to do when you want to get the Depths of Despair Quest is to simply follow the location on the Map Below to reach the destination.

Finding Sister Octavia Location Diablo 4

After you reached the destination, you have to interact and talk with “Sister Octavia”. She will give you the Depth of Octavia Side Quest in Diablo 4.

Talking to Sister Octavia to get Depths of Despair Quest in Diablo 4

Go to Celler Floor and talk to Kvera

Now, follow the Sisters and go to the Celler Door. From where you talk with the sister, it is just inside the building behind her. You will be inside the Ominous Celler and here you will fight with several enemies.

Pass through the door again and you will reach Kyovashad. Interact with Kvera here and ask her what happened.

Talk to Kvera in the Celler Floor

Go to Kyovashad Sewers and Fight Boss

Start going onwards till you come across stairs on your left. Take them to go downwards. Just as you approach the end look at your back to find the Kyovashad Sewers. Take that path!

Going to Kyovashad Sewers in Diablo 4

Fight some enemies in the Sewers as you are proceeding onwards. Take the right path from there and then go left. Keep sticking to your left. You will come across a path that goes down. You will find a ton of enemies there so be careful.

You will find two paths here that go down to your left and the other one that goes up to your top. Just like the image below, take the top one and you will reach the Wastewater Basin.

Doing Depths of Despair Quest in Diablo 4

Finally, Interact with Sister Octavia and she will do a lengthy dialogue. Get the Holy Relic from your sister and place it at the center. Sister interacts with that Relic revealing a Boss Fight.

Fight Demotath to Do the Depths of Despair Quest in Diablo 4. Sister will start blaming herself for the loss of an NPC


So, Depths of Despair is a kind of strange, lengthy, and dangerous quest in the game. But to earn some rewards you have to do that. Here’s the complete route along with steps to help you complete the Depths of Despair quest in Diablo 4.

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