How to do Slowpoke Raid in Pokemon Go

How to do Slowpoke Raid in Pokemon Go

Slowpoke might look like an easy one to get in the raid, but in Tier 4, they are one of the hardest ones to counter. Here’s How to Do Slowpoke Raid in Pokemon Go to help you catch Slowpoke.

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What you will be needing?

In order to tackle the new Slowpoke Tier 4 Raid, you will be needing one specific thing; high-level pokemon trainers and three of those at once. With them, you can actually counter these amazing pokemon in the raids.

In the Community Day Raid Bosses, you will have to do all the hard stuff yourself because of the Remote Raid Pass not usable.

Doing Slowpoke Raid in Pokemon Go

In order to do the Raid yourself, you will have to get to know the weakness of Slowpoke, resistance, and best Pokemon to counter it.

Slowpoke is a Water and Psychic type of Pokemon in Pokemon Go giving you the opportunity to get the opposite of these two elements in order to make the raid easier.

How to do Slowpoke Raid in Pokemon Go

Weakess of Slowpoke

The weakness of Slowpoke in Pokemon Go is definitely these 5 Types of Pokemon Elements.

  • Grass
  • Bug
  • Ghost
  • Dark
  • Electric

These 5 will deal 160 percent more damage to the Pokemon and you definitely want to use them in the Slowpoke Raid to get a upper hand.

Resistances of Slowpoke

Slowpoke in Pokemon Go is resistant to following 6 Attack Types;

  • Water Type
  • Fighting Type
  • Steel Type
  • Fire Type
  • Ice Type
  • Psychic Type

Out of a 100 percent, these attacks will be dealing only 63 percent of the damage to the Pokemon in the Raid. So, never get these against Slowpoke

Best Pokemon for Slowpoke Raid

The Best Pokemon for Slowpoke are;

  • Xurkitree
  • Kartana
  • Zekrom
  • Darkrai
  • Mega Gengar
  • Mega Sceptile
  • Mega Houndoom

When can you go for the Slowpoke Raid in Pokemon Go?

You can get it at the local time of 5 PM to 10 PM in 2023, 18th March. Here, you can join them in the Slowpoke Community Day.

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