How to get Diablo 4 Early Access for Free

How to get Diablo 4 Early Access for Free

Just like any other expansion to the video game popular series out there Diablo 4 also has Early Access and we will show you how to get it free of cost.

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Free Diablo 4 Early Access

In order to get Early Access to the game, you will first have to purchase Diablo 4 itself or any of its editions. Well, it is a paid method and you can also utilize the Free Early Access to Diablo 4 through KFC and O2 Priority.

In a new promotion, you can get KFC Early Access. In case you got the double down or using KFC App to get their sandwich, then you can also get it before March 18th

You can only utilize this early access deal till March 18th and you can’t use other third-party platforms or another websites to avail of this offer. In case you don’t want to get the double down from KFC, you can also get something else because there are various options with Early Beta Access.

How to get Diablo 4 Early Access for Free

Who can utilize it?

You can only get it if you are from the US, meaning in case you are not from the United States, you can’t get Early Access through KFC.

For UK users, you can get it from the O2 Priority especially when you are the Virgin Media Customer or its member.


So, that’s how to get he Diablo 4 Early Access Free of cost without having to pay a penny. Just use the KFC or O2 Priority offer to avail this magnificent offer.

  • Purchase Diablo 4 to get Early Access
  • Free Early Access through KFC
  • Free Early Access through O2 Priority


What is Diablo 4 Beta Release time?

The open beta for Diablo 4 will be announced on 24th of March 2023 and you can avail it till 26th of March. For early access users, they can get it from 17th to 19th of March 2023.

How to Redeem Early Access Code for Diablo 4?

Go to the Redemption Page of Diablo 4, login, sign into battle net and enter the code after selecting gaming platform or region.

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