How to Farm Silver in Skull and Bones - Silver Farming Guide

How to Farm Silver in Skull and Bones – Silver Farming Guide

In the perilous world of Skull and Bones, in-game currency like silver is invaluable for buying weapons, items, and blueprints of new and powerful ships, enhancing your capabilities as a pirate captain. As you progress in a game, you will find that your need for silver increases as well, you can use it to repair your ship or use it to fast travel. So, if you’re wondering how to get silver in Skull and Bones, fear not, as we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you acquire silver easily.

Completing Tasks in the Main Quest

If you’re new to the game the easiest way to collect silver is by completing the tasks that are offered during the main quest. It’s better to spend some time playing the game before trying other methods to earn more silver.

Taking Down Opponent’s Ship

If you believe your ship is powerful enough and well-armed to destroy the enemy ship, you should definitely consider seizing the opportunity. After destroying the enemy’s ship you can get 3-digit silver as a reward and some commodities as well.

Scavenging Shipwrecks

The simplest way to find silver is by finding shipwrecks and interacting with them. Shipwrecks are located at multiple locations across the seas. You just have to spend some time exploring the sea.

The interesting part is that you will not only get silver while finding shipwrecks, but you will also get commodities as well which you can sell afterward. From the picture of the map below, you can find some shipwrecks easily.

Selling Commodities to Merchants

You can sell the commodities gathered from shipwrecks and enemy ships to the merchants. These are the people that are interested in buying these goods.

Be careful while selling commodities to the traders because sometimes they will pay you less for the specific materials that you will be selling.

You can see in the picture below there is a red and green arrow at the bottom of the goods. The red arrow indicates a low-price offer while the green arrow indicates a high price offered by the merchant for that material.

Completing Contracts from the Job Board

If you want to earn thousands of silvers at a time, you should consider completing these contracts offered at Saint-Anne Job Board. If you go to Saint-Anne, running down to the docs you will find a job board on the right side shown in the picture below.

Final Words

And that is all you need to know about how to gather silver efficiently. Try to complete the contracts with your friends, you will get more silver as compared to playing alone. We hope that our guide was helpful to you.

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