How to Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver

How to Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver

Some players have recently completed the whole game, but haven’t seen a single Atlantic Bonito. Well, they are quite hard to find, exclusive to a specific range. Don’t worry, here in this guide, we will show you How to Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver is a 2D game where you start as a diver named Dave. He is a scuba diver who got to witness a strange blue hole in the ocean, showcasing strange ocean bodies like sharks, squids, dolphins, and many more.

The basic purpose of Dave the Diver is to help the local sushi restaurant by simply capturing and bringing marine life to them. Soon, Dave himself gets tangled in business management where he has to run his restaurant.

There are all sorts of spectacular mechanisms here where you get to explore the depths of the sea, as well as learn how to manage your sushi restaurant. Capture strange sea creatures, hire staff members, and enjoy the relaxing environment.

Each type of fish is found in its own range in the sea. You can’t expect the deep water bodies to be found near the top, and this goes the other way around as well.

One such fish that players are having trouble with is the Atlantic Bonito, which is found in the deep sea. Let’s help you find it.

How to Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver

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What is Atlantic Bonito Like in Dave the Diver?

You might have come across an Atlantic Bonito but couldn’t recognize it. For the most part, they are like these small silver fishes with tiny fins that are not recognizable from a distance.

In the Marinca Book, they are more prominent with their Fins, but when you are out there finding them, they don’t have the fins shown.

They are only tiny silver fish with small fins of silver prominent color. Yes, they also look quite unimportant, but they aren’t.

Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver

You can find the Atlantic Bonito a little above the 150 range. Even if you are still unable to find them, you need to simply recognize them and then change your gear. Sometimes the bug triggers where certain equipment makes it glitch out.

Most of the time, the reason is that you watched them in the Book with prominent fins and so on, but in reality, they are just small common silverfish-like.

Another thing to notice is that they resemble the Atlantic Mackerel, but are quite bigger in contrast.

How to Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver

The Verdict

Atlantic Bonito is one of the rare fishes that everyone is looking for nowadays. There was a bug previously in the game that was hotfixed a few days ago. Now, you can find them in the game at somewhere around 150 range. To Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver, you will have to first identify them as small Silver Common Fish, having silver fins. Then you need to go to the 150 range.

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