How To Find Clay in Enshrouded

How To Find Clay in Enshrouded

In the vast and mysterious world of Enshrouded, gathering essential resources is a key element of survival. One such crucial resource is clay, which serves various purposes in crafting and building. Let’s explore the different locations where you can find clay in Enshrouded.

Recommended Tool: Pickaxe

Revelwood Spire Mines

Once you’ve reached the Revelwood Spire, head towards the west side of the spire to discover mines containing ample amounts of clay. These mines are easily accessible and provide a convenient source of clay.

Nomad Highlands Tower Area

Go to the Nomad Highlands Tower area, and you may stumble upon deposits of clay. Explore the surroundings and keep an eye out for distinct formations that indicate the presence of this valuable resource.

Trade with NPCs

Engage with NPCs in the game, as some may offer clay as part of their trade inventory. Establishing connections with characters in Enshrouded’s world might provide you with an alternative source of this valuable resource.

Utilize Your Glider

To cover larger areas and discover clay deposits from above, make use of your glider. Soar through the skies, especially in regions like Revelwood, to spot potential clay locations from a different perspective.


Clay is an essential resource for crafting and building in Enshrouded. By exploring the Revelwood Spire, Nomad Highlands Tower area, and other regions, you’ll uncover plentiful clay deposits. Additionally, consider trading as an alternative means of acquiring this versatile resource. Keep exploring and surviving in the captivating world of Enshrouded!

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