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How To Find Fossilized Bone In Enshrouded

In the mysterious world of Enshrouded, gathering essential resources like Fossilized Bone is crucial for your survival and progression. Follow this simple guide to locate and collect Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded.

How To Find Fossilized Bone In Enshrouded

Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire

Equipped with your trusty glider, fly to the north of the tower, and take a leap off the cliffs while ensuring a safe landing to discover Fossilized Bone deposits. You can mine Fossilized Bones by mining the massive dead creatures’ skeletons that you will find there.

Explore the Nomad Highlands, and you’ll encounter massive skeletons. Mine these colossal remains to gather Fossilized Bone.

Final Words

Whether you’re near the Nomad Highlands Tower, exploring the Ancient Spire, or encountering massive skeletons, these locations hold the key to obtaining Fossilized Bone.

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