How to Find my Apple AirPods? A Step-by-Step Guide to tracking them down!

How to Find my Apple AirPods? A Step-by-Step Guide to tracking them down!

Ahhh… lost them again!!! Well, that is exactly what happens to most of us on a regular basis. Apple AirPods are some of the sneakiest technical pieces of equipment that you can lose around without noticing but losing them isn’t the problem here, but rather a part of it. So How to Find my Apple AirPods? That’s the real question here. To answer this question, we compiled this Step by Step Guide to tracking them down. Don’t worry, you will find your beautiful AirPods.

Find AirPods Using Apple Find My

How to Find my Apple AirPods using Find My

If any Apple device goes missing, then you can find it through “Find My” by Apple. Apple authentically doesn’t have any other service that can either flag your device, track it down, or even find it. 

The same goes for your Apple AirPods. So, whenever you are wondering How to Find my Apple AirPods, Find My is the way to go. But, the issue is that you need to set it up before using it. Here’s a little Guide to setting up your Find My for Apple AirPods.

Now let’s just straight to the catch here. In order to Set up your Find My for Apple AirPods, you need to first connect it to an Apple Product like iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, which you use the AirPods on.

Then you need to get the latest updates for either your iPadOS, iOS, or even your macOS. 

Using your, you can also find the AirPods. It could be a different functionality altogether based on the model, so don’t go crazy if things are another way around. 

How to Find my Apple AirPods through “Find My”: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Open the Setting on your Apple Device (mentioned above)
  • Press on your name
  • Find the option named “Find My”
  • Press “Share my Location” if you are interested in letting your family or friends know your location as well. Have some privacy, we wouldn’t recommend that!
  • Press on “Find my (Device)”
  • Turn On “Find my (Device)”
  • You can also check out your devices when they are offline by turning the “Find my Network” ON
  • When the battery is low, you can send the location to Apple by pressing “Send Last Location”

How to Add my AirPods to Apple Find My?

Make sure that your AirPods are connected to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even your iPod Touch. They would normally set up for the Apple Find My after turning it ON. Even when the device isn’t powered ON or disconnected, you can find it by Turning ON the “Find my Network”

  • Enter your Phone/Pad/Pod Settings
  • Go to the Bluetooth options
  • Go to More settings by pressing on the “i” in a circle. You can find it next to the device available in the list
  • Check for “Find my Network”
  • Turn on “Find my Network”
  • You are good to go!

How to Find my AirPods on Map

How to Find Apple AirPods on Map

Some AirPods, usually the ones in the 2nd generation type, have an option that allows you to Find Apple AirPods using the Charging Case. You can locate that Case on the Map as well. Honestly, it is quite an awesome feature!

Find My App

  • Open your Apple Phone/Pad/Pod
  • Then Open the “Find My” App 
  • Find your AirPods
  • Choose them
  • Under the AirPods, you will find the Location
  • How to Locate my AirPods using “Find my Network”

Find my Apple AirPods by Playing a Sound

Find AirPods by playing a sound

Yes, that is also possible but for that, you need to make sure your beautiful Apple AirPods are connected to the Apple Device through Bluetooth. They should be in the range of Bluetooth to work as well.

This method is quite an easy way to find your Apple AirPods if they are in your home or someplace smaller. Also, it works quite well with the 2nd gen AirPods Pro. 

  • Get your Apple Device
  • Go to the “Find My” App
  • Find your AirPods and choose them
  • Tap on “Play Sound” to hear your AirPods calling for help in darkness.

How To Make Find My iPhone Make a Noise When Locating a Device (

Steps to Prevent Yourself from Losing AirPods again

Now that you know how to find your lovely AirPods, you would be anxious to know how to actually prevent this from ever happening again. For that there are two options, turning on the Alerts and turning on the Lost Mode for your precious AirPods. 

How to Get Alerts from AirPods when left Behind?

Notify my when AirPods are left behind

How dare you leave the expensive AirPods behind? You can also get an alert from them when you forget them behind, which is quite unlikely if you got them through hard work. But for that, you need to have an iPhone 12 or something that came later on. 

  • Grab your Apple iPhone
  • Open the “Find My” App
  • Go to the Devices Tab
  • Select your AirPods
  • Click on Notifications
  • Under the options, you will find “Notify When Left Behind”
  • Turn them ON and you are good to go!

How to Find my Apple AirPods when Lost?

Notify me when AirPods are found – AirPods Lost Mode

There is a Lost Mode for the 3rd gen, 2nd gen Pros, and Max that also allows you to share your phone number and email. In case the Apple AirPods got lost and someone connects them, the message will appear on their iPhone. 

  • Grab your iPad, iPhone, or iPod
  • Open the “Find My” App
  • Open the Devices Tab
  • Select your precious AirPods
  • Find “Mark as Lost”
  • Select “Activate”
  • There will be some steps to mention the information that gets displayed when you’re lost your Apple AirPods.


I lost my Apple AirPods and they are Offline, what to do?

In case that does happen and your AirPods are low on charge or out of range, you can also check out the Last Location for your AirPods. Doesn’t matter whether they were Offline, you Lost them far away, they are low on charge or you can’t play sound. 

Using the Find My Device, you can get their last known location, and track them down from there onwards. When someone else could find them, you can get notified on your connected device. 

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