How To Find Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone DMZ

How To Find Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone DMZ – DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location

Are you trying to find the Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone DMZ? These tunnels are part of a Tier 2 mission for the White Lotus faction and involve three parts: finding the tunnels, placing Tactical Cameras at two entrances, and extracting. However, the game doesn’t give clear directions, making the first part the trickiest. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered to help you locate the Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ.

How To Find Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone DMZ

What Are Smuggling Tunnels?

The Smuggling Tunnels are an old underground network spanning between Rohan Oil and Al Mazrah City. These tunnels were historically used for smuggling goods and storing illegally imported items.

How To Find Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ? 

Method 1:

  1. Reach Stronghold North of Zarqwa Hydroelectric: Head to the Al Mazrah map and find the Stronghold north of Zarqwa Hydroelectric (at map coordinates ‘E3’).
  2. Enter Stronghold With Keycard: Obtain a Stronghold Keycard by eliminating High-Value AI enemies. If unavailable, buy a Stronghold Keycard for $5,000 from the nearest Buy Station.
  3. Find the Ladder: Once in the Stronghold, go straight into the attached room, turn right, and locate a ladder leading underground. Descend this ladder to access the Smuggling Tunnels.

Method 2:

Look for another entrance northeast of the main Stronghold building, near a well surrounded by walls. Use a parachute or zip line down the rope to enter.

Method 3:

Head west of the main Stronghold building and find some blown-open gates in a sandy cave-like area. This area is the only notable landmark in the open space. Enter through these gates to access the Smuggling Tunnels.


The Smuggling Tunnels are an intricate network with multiple entrances in Al Mazrah. Follow these methods to access them: use the north entrance through a well, find the hidden ladder around a house, or access from the south side near some trees.

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