How to Fix Snapchat Filters Not Working on Android

How to Fix Snapchat Filters Not Working on Android

Snapchat filters are a fun and creative way to add some flair to your snaps. However, it can be frustrating when these filters are not working properly. If you’re an Android user and facing this issue, you’re not alone. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some common causes of Snapchat filters not working on Android devices and provide solutions to fix them.

Internet Connection

The first thing to check is your internet connection. A stable and high-speed internet connection is necessary to ensure Snapchat filters work properly. If you’re experiencing slow internet speed, try switching to a different network or resetting your router.

Corrupted File

If you’re running an old version of the app or if your device hasn’t been updated to the latest version, this could cause Snapchat filters to not work properly. Ensure that you’re using the latest version of the app and have updated your device to its latest software version. If you’re still facing issues, try reinstalling the app to fix any temporary glitches.

Enabling Location Permissions

Snapchat filters are personalized to your device and need your location to work. Ensure that you’ve enabled location permissions in your device’s settings to allow Snapchat filters to work correctly. Go to Settings > Location > and turn on location permissions for Snapchat.

Clear Cache

If you’ve tried the above steps and Snapchat filters still aren’t working, it could be due to a cache that’s causing the app to load slowly. To clear the cache, go to Settings > Storage > and tap Clear Cache at the bottom of the screen. This will remove any temporary data that may be causing the issue.

Check for App Updates

Snapchat usually updates its app on a monthly basis. It’s important to ensure that your app is up-to-date by checking for updates in the Play Store or App Store. This will ensure that you’re receiving all the new features that are available for the app.


Snapchat filters not working can be frustrating, but with the above solutions, you can fix the issue and enjoy using Snapchat filters on your Android device. Remember to check your internet connection, update your app and device software, enable location permissions, clear your cache, and check for app updates. By following these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy using Snapchat filters without any issues.

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