How to Fix Update your App Error on YouTube Vanced

How to Fix Update your App Error on YouTube Vanced

YouTube was changed once and for all when they introduced a ton of ads on videos and were not able to download like any other service. Well, there was an alternative, known as YouTube Vanced that blocked ads, download any video and do much more. But, it has sometimes an Update Error that messes around. Don’t worry, we have here an amazing Guide on How to Fix Update your App Error on YouTube Vanced to help you out.

What’s YouTube Vanced?

How to Fix Update your App Error on YouTube Vanced

Just like mentioned it is a Third Party YouTube App that lets you do anything you want on YouTube which you obviously couldn’t. It has Background Play, Ads Blocked, Black Theme, Count for Dislikes, Swipe Control, Sponsor Block, Picture in Picture, and much more.

You can call it a Free Version of YouTube Premium with a touch of amazing Features on Top.

Isn’t Vanced Disconnected?

Yes, it is, but on the other hand, you already were using it through an APK. Therefore, it means, you can still Download it from other sites on your Android and use it as you did before. There won’t be updates or fixes from developers, but it doesn’t matter… The YouTube Vanced App is too good to look for its flaws.

I can’t Update YouTube Vanced, but Why?

can’t Update YouTube Vanced, but Why

The obvious reason Vanced not Updating is because of App Data. It has some kind of problem that caused the app to stop updating.

The second thing is that YouTube sometimes pulls the plug on Vanced from behind. In this case, most Android users with a specific Android version will have trouble. it will put some type of number like (15.xx.xx) version discontinued.

How to Fix Update your App Error on YouTube Vanced?

There is not particularly a single fix, but rather many fixes. In order to solve your issue of YouTube Vanced giving the error Update your App, you will have to try out all the things possible.

Clear your Cache and Data of YouTube Vanced

How to Clear your App Cache and Data on Android
  • Open your Android Phone
  • Go to its Settings
  • Find Apps or Apps and Notifications
  • Go inside and find See all Apps
  • Then click on Vanced
  • In Vanced Settings, go to Storage
  • Then click on Clear Data and Clear Cache individually
  • Cancel everything and open the YouTube Vanced app again

Downloading YouTube Vanced Latest Version

  • It works like a charm. Just go to any trusted site that gives you the Latest Version of YouTube Vanced. You can download it from here.
  • Download the Latest Version
  • Get rid of the Old Version properly
  • Install and Open the Latest Version

Downloading YouTube Vanced older Version

In case both of the above fixes don’t work from our Guide on How to Fix Update your App error on YouTube Vanced. Get an older version of Vanced.

  • Same as before, go to any trusted site that has an older version of YouTube Vanced available. You can download it from here.
  • Find the Older Version and Download it
  • Get rid of the other YouTube Vanced apps installed on your Android
  • Install the Older Version
  • Use it!

Final Verdict

YouTube Vanced is a third-party app that even lost its connection to YouTube. It is bound to have some issues, but the features it provides you for free makeup for that. Forgiveness is earned! Here is a Guide on How to Fix and Update your App error on YouTube Vanced in case you are having trouble with the App always giving our error of Updating.

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