How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT

How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT

Is your ChatGPT also giving out a “403 Forbidden” error again and again? Well, we might be onto something here, and here is a guide on How to Fix 304 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT.

Some might like ChatGPT while others might hate it. But deep inside we all know it is a tool we can utilize to perform our tasks much more efficiently in less time. Even we use ChatGPT for Content Creation sometimes.

The Human-Like answers are too good to miss sometimes. The issue is that there are quite a good amount of errors with ChatGPT. Out of them, there is a ChatGPT 403 Forbidden Error that breaks the rhythm in your work or connection with ChatGPT.

It is an AI ChatBot that learns from your Questions and optimizes itself for the next one you are going to throw at it. In simpler words, it is Machine Learning and the 403 Forbidden error disturbs that thread.

What is 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT and what are the reasons?

403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT

It is related to the API Request that you made on ChatGPT. In case the Tool thinks that it is not allowed, it will throw that good old 403 Forbidden Error.

The reason why 403 Forbidden Error happens on ChatGPT is that API Endpoint is rather private and if you mess with the source which isn’t owned by it, there will be an error.

So, rounding off! 403 Forbidden Error is actually a response to the code that showcases that the server is familiar with the request you made but the authorization failed.

It could be an issue with the Credentials lacking or the Authentication Process. When the Rate Limits in ChatGPT, it also responds to you by 403 Forbidden Error. It means you made too many requests at the same time.

How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT

There are a few methods you can try to Fix the 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT. If a single doesn’t work, just roll onto the next one and try it out. Simple as that!

Connect or Disconnect VPN

Fix 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT by Connecting and Disconnecting VPN
  • If you are on a Mobile, you can get a VPN app from the App/Play Store
  • Connect it to a Country, other than the ones blocked.
  • If you are on a Desktop, open a VPN on your Browser and connect it to a country. You can try Opera GX Browser as well because it has a built-in VPN.
  • Sometimes, the VPN can cause the 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT. Try disconnecting it and using ChatGPT afterward.

Clearing Browser Cookies and Cache

Fix 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT by Clearing Browser Cookies and Cache
  • In your Browser, go to its Menu or press the Three Dots.
  • Then go to More Tools or Settings
  • Go to Privacy and Security if that exists, otherwise, go to Clear Browsing Data
  • Then click on Cookies and other Site Data
  • Press on Clear Data

Simple as that!

Removing Browser Extensions

Fix 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT by Removing Browser Extensions
  • Go to the settings of your Browser by pressing on the three dots or going to the Menu
  • Then go to More Tools from there
  • Find Extensions in the Settings
  • Click on those and Remove the Extensions that might look fishy or unwanted.

How to Disable or Remove Browser Extensions (

Developers Fix for 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT

Try this if you are a Developer and know what you are doing.

  • You need to make sure that the API Endpoint is correct
  • Get to the API key and check whether sent in the correct format or not
  • Verify Credentials for Authentication like your Token, Username, or Password
  • Make sure you have permission to access the resources
  • If things don’t go in your way, just Contact the Support Team of Open AI

Final Verdict

The 403 Forbidden Request is mostly related to the API endpoint. Meaning, the Browser you are using ChatGPT on is messing with it. You can follow our Guide on How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error on ChatGPT for easy solutions.

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