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How to get 4K Resolution in Payday 3

Payday 3 isn’t a game that would destroy your system, that’s why the lovers of 4K resolution can effortlessly play the game. But sometimes the 4K resolution doesn’t pop up in the options of Payday 3: The Heist. Don’t worry, here we have a guide on How to get 4K Resolution in Payday 3.

Some got the Payday 3 4K Resolution alongside 2K resolution, but some didn’t get it. This means the game does support 4K resolution out of the box, but because of a difference in display, the game doesn’t recognize it.

The resolution for 4K is 1440p, instead of 1080p. You can get it by following our guide below.

About Payday 3 – The Heist!

Payday 3 is the latest in the Payday: The Heist series. You are in a gang that aims to loot the bank and run away from law enforcement. The citizens are tools for the gang, used to escape. Get in, take out money, and get out using different tools, as well as tactics.

The Payday Series has always been exclusively available on Steam for the players and is a beloved game for the community. Developed by the Starbreeze Studios, and Overkill Software, players know the game has always been in good hands.

The game is quite similar to the previous games in the series except for graphics, some new mechanisms, and tools. Definitely worth trying!

Payday 3: The Heist

How to get 4K Resolution in Payday 3

Go to the Payday 3 settings and from there change your display screen size from Borderless to Full Screen. Give the game a restart, and open it again. You will have 4k Resolution, change to that, and then change the display size to either Fullscreen or Borderless, depending on your choice.

If you don’t get that again, you can just go to the display, and instead of choosing Fullscreen, choose Borderless. Restart and open the game again. This time, you will have 4K Resolution in Payday 3.

There is another method to get 4K Resolution in case you can’t get it any other way. Open Notepad, but make sure that the in-game display setting is set to borderless. Close the game after that.

Go to AppData\Local\PAYDAY3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and open GameUserSettings” Configuration settings file with Notepad/Notepad ++

Get down by scrolling to find the “ResolutionSizeX”. Change it to the value “3840”. Then find “ResolutionSizeY”. Change it to the value “2160”. Save the file and exit. Go back to the game and start it. You will have 4K Resolution in Payday 3.

The Verdict

Payday 3 comes with 2K and 4K Resolution support out of the box. In case you don’t have it, you can change from Borderless to Full Screen or vice versa. Then restart the game. Check back on the resolution. You can also go to the game files and change the resolution from there manually. We got all the details sorted out in our guide on How to get 4K Resolution in Payday 3.

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