Fix your Payday 3 Startup Crashes and FPS Drop with this simple tip

Payday 3 Unhandled Exception: Exception_Access_Violation 0x0000…

You are just starting out with Payday 3 and suddenly get a crash, after a black screen. You click on “press any key to start”, and the screen crashes. Don’t worry, here in this guide, we will show you How to Fix Payday 3 Unhandled Exception: Exception_Access_Violation 0x0000…

These zeroes in the end continue with either ending with a random number. It could be 18, 1, or an alphabet.

Payday 3 Unhandled Exception: Exception_Access_Violation 0x0000...

About Payday 3 – The Heist!

Payday 3 is the latest in the Payday: The Heist series. You are in a gang that aims to loot the bank and run away from law enforcement. The citizens are tools for the gang, used to escape. Get in, take out money, and get out using different tools, as well as tactics.

The Payday Series has always been exclusively available on Steam for the players and is a beloved game for the community. Developed by the Starbreeze Studios, and Overkill Software, players know the game has always been in good hands.

The game is quite similar to the previous games in the series except graphics, some new mechanisms, and tools. Definitely worth trying!

Payday 3: The Heist

What Does an Unhandled Exception Access Violation Error Mean?

In reality, no one knows for certain what an Unhandled Exception Access error is and no one knows for certain why 0x00000… errors even appear. But, when you dig deep enough, you will find a similar error profile in Unreal Engine, either for Steam, Epic Games, or some other project you are doing.

The 0x00000… is the memory location that is known as “null”. It indicates that it is both not Null and also not pending destruction. When programming, it appears because of the node, as it automatically doesn’t choose the best flow direction.

While in programs, such as games like Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you get the Unhandled Exception Access Violation Error because of some programs messing up with the pathway of the game.

Two programs come to mind, majorly the MSI Afterburner, known as RTSS, and Twitch Studio, combined with some other games. It could be Deep Rock Galactic or something similar.

More or less, there are some simple things as well that can cause issues like these. Them being the GPU settings for the game messing up, not having administrative authority, Firewall, and Antivirus messing up with the game files, and so on. Still, we are not certain this could be the case here, and below in our Fix, we will try to mention the methods that potentially solve the issue. Carry On!

Payday 3 Unhandled Exception: Exception_Access_Violation 0x0000...

Payday 3 Unhandled Exception: Exception_Access_Violation 0x0000…

Just like we mentioned before, there are a ton of things that could be causing this error in the game, project, or software. In order to Fix Payday 3 Unhandled Exception: Exception_Access_Violation Reading Address 0x0000… you will have to follow through each step below.

Nvidia Control Panel

If you are on an Nvidia GPU, you can use this method. Go to your Control Panel for Nvidia, by right-clicking on the Desktop Screen. From there you can find the Global and reset it to default. It works for every Unreal Engine game and make sure you aren’t messing up individual settings in the Nvidia Control Panel.

Go inside the game and reset your in-game settings to default as well. If you are on AMD, you can also set settings to default through the AMD Adrenaline software or AMD Control Panel.

GPU Drivers

Sometimes, the GPU Drivers are causing issues as well. Download Nvidia Experience if you are on Nvidia or AMD Adrenaline if you are on AMD. Get the latest drivers installed from Nvidia and AMD.

If it works, then you can start enjoying the game as normal. But again, if you are getting the Exception Access Violation reading address 0x00000… then you can roll back to Nvidia Drivers 512.77. We don’t know the best ones for AMD, you can search that on the internet for that.

Background Application

Just as we mentioned before, you can Fix Unhandled Exception: Exception_Access_Violation Reading Address 0x00000… by removing some background applications. Most of them are ones that can alter your system settings.

Remove MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner Statistics Server. Get rid of every similar software including Twitch. Give a clean restart on your system and get into the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Task Bar below.

Look for all the applications running and remove them one by one. Go to your Startup settings in the Task Manager and try to stop all applications from starting up after running the system. Again give a clean restart and start the game.

Increase Pagefile or Virtual Memory

So, this is a lengthy method and we can’t mention it in detail. To give you a hand, there is a Windows Club Increase Pagefile or Virtual Memory guide you can follow.

Make sure you are setting the boxes to the same value, both of them. We will take in the example of Jedi Survivor where you will need 20GB RAM if you are playing on a higher resolution. In that case, you will have to set the Virtual Memory to somewhere around 16GB or 16384.

Another thing to mention beforehand is that your Disk Drive and SSD Space will be taken during the process. At this point, you should have fixed the Unhandled Exception: Exception_Access_Violation Reading Address 0x00000…

In case you didn’t here are some other methods you can try out.

Other Methods

  • Make sure you are Updating Drivers through Nvidia’s Official Site (Experience) or AMD’s official site (Adrenaline). While installing drivers, give a Clean Installation
  • Use SSD Drive and make sure it has more than 32 GB of free space
  • To run it on GPU, set Virtual Memory to 1.5 times the minimum RAM and 3 times the maximum RAM. Max should be your free space on disk as well
  • All EA apps should be “Run as Administrator”. Also do the same for Steam and Epic games, based on what you are playing from
  • In both the Firewall and the Antivirus, make sure the game is set to pass through its protection


Quite a strange issue if you ask me because there isn’t a valid single source that causes it. If you are getting an Unhandled Exception Access Violation followed by a code having a ton of zeroes, then it could be because of various reasons. In short, you can Fix Payday 3 Unhandled Exception: Exception_Access_Violation 0x0000… by following the methods below;

  • Reset Nvidia Control Panel Settings
  • Get GPU drivers from an authentic website or App
  • Remove unusual Background Application
  • Increase your Increase Pagefile or Virtual Memory
  • Have space in your SSD
  • Run as Administrator
  • Remove Antivirus and Firewall protection for the software, game, or project

I hope that fixes your problem in the game, software, or Unreal Engine project…

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