How to Get Ale in Skull and Bones

How to Get Ale in Skull and Bones

Ale, a strong alcoholic drink loved by the pirates. Ale is one of the commodities in Skull and Bones and it can be beneficial in a lot of ways. You can sell it at a good price for silver coins and most importantly ale keeps the crew’s morale high, which helps in a lot of ways. Below are some methods you can use to obtain ale and enhance your pirate adventures.

Buying Ale from Vendor

You can easily buy ale from the vendor located in the “La Bastide” settlement. You can see the exact location in the picture below. One ale will cost you 54 silver coins.

Raiding Merchant Ships

If you’re not in the mood to spend silver coins, then you should consider attacking the merchant ships “Saint Anne Region” on the map. You can easily get a decent amount of ale by raiding 3 to 4 merchant ships. Using your spyglass can help you identify potential targets and increase your chances of getting the resources you need.

Making Trades with Allies

The simplest way to get ale is by trading ale with other goods. You can easily exchange those goods that you don’t need anymore or you have in surplus for items that are required and both parties can benefit from this type of trade management.

Final Words

Whether you prefer engaging in naval combat to collect loot or purchasing resources from villages, there are various ways to obtain ale in the game.

By utilizing the methods mentioned above and exploring the game world, you can ensure a steady supply of Ale to fuel your pirate escapades in Skull and Bones.

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