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How to Get Cake for Your Pals in Palworld

In the whimsical world of Palworld, obtaining Cake is a crucial step in ensuring the happiness and well-being of your Pals. This delectable resource plays a significant role in breeding Pals and expanding your adorable entourage. Here’s a simple guide on how to get Cake in Palworld:

How to Get Cake for Your Pals in Palworld

Level Up to 17

The first prerequisite to embark on your cake-making adventure is reaching Level 17. As you progress through the game and engage in various activities, you’ll steadily accumulate experience points. Keep an eye on your experience bar, and once you hit Level 17, you’re ready to unlock the wonders of the Cooking Pot.

Unlock the Cooking Pot

With Level 17 achieved, head to the Technology menu. Here, you’ll find the Cooking Pot waiting for you. Unlock this essential cooking gadget to open up a world of culinary possibilities, including the coveted Cake recipe.

Gather the Ingredients

To bake a delicious Cake, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Flour (x5): Create Flour by cultivating Wheat Seeds in the Wheat Plantation. Harvest the grown Wheat and take it to the Mill for processing.

Crafting Your Cake

Once you’ve gathered the required ingredients, it’s time to fire up the Cooking Pot. Access the Cooking Pot menu and follow the recipe to combine Flour into a delightful Cake. Voila! You’ve successfully created a tasty treat for your Pals.

Breeding Pals with Cake

Cake serves a crucial role in the breeding process of Pals. To ensure a thriving and diverse Pal population, regularly provide them with Cake. This not only enhances their happiness but also enables the hatching of adorable Pal eggs.

How to Get Cake for Your Pals in Palworld


In Palworld, the journey to create Cake is a delightful quest that adds a sweet touch to your gaming experience. By reaching Level 17, unlocking the Cooking Pot, and mastering the art of crafting with Flour, you’ll become the proud provider of delectable Cakes for your Pals. So, venture forth, gather ingredients, and let the aroma of freshly baked Cake fill the air in Palworld!

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